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Some of us take a lot of pride in who we are, the title we have, the position we are in, the amount of money we have blah blah blah. We love to make ourselves seem more important than everyone else. But in Romans 12:3-8 Yahweh, through the writing of  Paul is teaching us two key things.

  1. The first is found in verses 3 - 5. Think highly of yourself, but not too high.
  2. Use the gifts Yah gave you, found in verse 6-8

OK let's break this down starting with Romans 12:3 - 5. We are talking about humi

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It's Weekly digest time, folks! Here's what's good at The Oracle.

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About a month ago, many young black men were taking the world by storm with their admissions to multiple Ivy League universities. This month, and in particular over the last week, black women have made some serious moves up the ladder of success. The black women in this story aren’t corporate America titans though, they are making their moves through the ranks in academic administration to take up the titles of dean, president, and college graduate. Find out about some of

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By Ryan Velez

A tax refund or other financial windfall makes for a great feeling when you get it, but sometimes, you may find yourself blindsided down the line by the fact that you have little to show for your good fortune. Financial mistakes are a fact of life, but what you should be doing is learning from each one that you make to ensure that you are smarter with your money. With this in mind, a recent article from Black Enterprise has provided some valuable tips to use money from your tax r

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5 Powerful Life Lessons From A Hilarious Christian Rap Video


Viktory release a music video for the second single off of the new album “Tomorrow Came” called “We Won’t Stop”. Instead of following the mode, Viktory elected to create a hilariously entertaining abstract satire spoof of two old men tired of the younger generation playing loud music, so they take matters into their own hands. As wild and wacky as the video appears, There are some really true and meaningful themes on friendship,

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Summer Trips + packing tips

  • Try to pack at least a few days before your trip date
  • Pack everything you think you may need (if you told yourself you’d only take one bag, pack everything you think you’ll need into this bag)
  • Revisit the packed bag either the day before the trip or day of the trip, eliminate any items you really think you’ll no longer need, or that doesn’t need to make it to the trip
  • Invest in good travel bags and those small TSA approved travel sized bottles
  • Make
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The Behavior of Women


Titus 2:3-5 teaches us how women, both younger and older, should act. And to be honest it is in direct contrast of we see in the home, workplace, classroom and community today. First lets discuss our older women. Older women are to be reverent and pure. They are to be set apart for the world in thought and behavior. They should only move and speak in the spirit of holiness and be focuses on sacred things. Older women should be pious

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by Daniel Dela Dunoo


Quite recently, two Ghanaian music artistes, namely Mzbel and Black Rasta on separate platforms emphatically stated that Jesus Christ is a fictional character and not a historical figure as taught by the Church (and as contained in the New Testament of the Bible). They insist that the stories surrounding Jesus Christ as contained in the Bible were made up and claim they arrived at such conclusions through research. Their assertions were given much publicity in the Ghanaian
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by Taylor Cummings 

Isaiah 55:8-9, "'My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,' says the Lord. 'And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.'"

Have you ever asked God for something only to get it and then realize you didn't really understand what you were asking for?

This very thing has happened to me before. I actually had this happen to me again this mont
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What Are You Doing For God?

lovepusher_mos2007.jpgBy Lori Godfrey

As Christians and people alike, we all know God exists. He has always been and he always will be. We also know that he is our provider and our sustainer in this life, if we will allow him to.

In this hectic world in which we live many times we find ourselves looking heavenward and saying, "There is never enough time in the day", as we run around from place to place forgetting the most important person in our livesthe God who gave us life.

As my title asks, What are you doing for Go
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by Rhonda Jones 


If you're like most people, you've probably made a few resolutions for the coming year. Perhaps, you'll lose weight, exercise more, watch less television, or spend more time with God. The problem with resolutions is that they're only skin deep. You make a proclamation and then you use your willpower to try to fulfill it. The Bible says that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Although our intentions are good, we lack the wherewithal or persistence to stick with our new
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A Thankful Life


by  Susan Ferguson


It is good to give thanks to the Lord, And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High. (Psalm 92:1 NKJV)

It's easy to give thanks when life is going well. Ironically, this is the time when we're least likely to count our blessings. What about when life goes wrong? It's when we're faced with hardship that we need gratitude the most. 

In troubled times, gratitude doesn't come naturally for us, but it can be developed. With each new day, we can make the choice to be thankful. Ch
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Are You Prepared For The New Year

3-dsc_2411.jpgby kyker 


Another year is about to end and a new one will begin. We don't know what awaits us. There will be, no doubt, many challenges and many joys. With the state our Nation and the world is in, the challenges will surely be great. Are we prepared for whatever may come? How are we preparing for it? Many make resolutions trying to commit themselves to changing some part of their lives that they feel will be an improvement in themselves this coming year. These resolutions are notorious, though
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by Kim Hubbard


Since we are all part of the human race, we have inherited the sin of the first individuals God created. Because of our sin nature, we are separated from a holy and perfect God and are in need of a way back to our creator, so that our sins can be forgiven and we can experience eternal life with Him in Heaven and live a life filled with His Holy Spirit while on earth. God sent his one and only son, to shed his blood and be crucified on the cross to pay for our sins and when we
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How To Fix A Broken World


by ron kyker 


Here is the great question most Christians have today; how do we fix our broken world? The answer is not so simple or we would have already done it. It is not so clear because we are trying to do it in worldly ways. The answer is a biblical one. It is a spiritual one. The answer is simple and it is clear, but not to a people ignorant of how it is done. I am ignorant of many things, and how to fix our broken world, seems to have been beyond my understanding. It is for most Christi
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by Olawale Ogunsola


"Sometimes, when you see how caring another woman's husband is, you may be tempted to poison your own."

This was a frightening statement from a woman in August 2014. I never expected a statement like this from her. 


She is an attendee in her church programs. She appears as a Christian by all standards. 

This woman became ill and her friend's husband, a medical practitioner took care of her. This man used to call her to know her state of her health regularly. She received o
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Would You Serve God For Nothing

by ron kyker  


I listened to a sermon of a good Pastor friend of mine. He brought up a very good question that I think all who profess to know God should ask themselves often. Would we still serve God if we expected nothing from Him in return? He used Job as a good example. Job was innocent of doing anything to cause God to allow he had to be taken away. Job served and praised his God anyway. The Devil's argument to God was that Job served Him only because of all God had done for him. I wonder
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