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HOG MOB - Mob Millennium 


 Peep this dope new project out and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Artist: HOG MOB
Album: Mob Millennium
Release Date: 2021-03-26
Track List:
01 4eva Mobn
02 Hog Mob
03 Clean up Nice
04 Forgiven
05 Rhil 4 Lyfe
06 Animal
07 Need God
08 Soldier
09 2020 Hog Mob Cypher
10 Reload
11 The Past
12 The Harvest
13 The Remnant
14 I Need You
15 Prayin 4 U
16 Murda
17 Made Men
18 Octane
19 Duct Tape
20 Out of Control
21 Not Asle
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Artist: Genuine
Release Date: 2021-04-23
Track List:
01 Am I Crazy!
02 Hollow
03 I Wanna Know
04 Supposed To Be
05 Wish Me Well
06 Running Out of Time
07 More 2 Life (feat. Corey Wise)
08 Reach For My Hand (Slowed + Reverb) [Slowed]








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Reach Records artist Hulvey has dropped his debut album Christopher. You can stream it below. Let me know what you think in the coments.

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Gil Gatsby is back with a renewed passion and focus on a new project called Bar Bully. It includes production from  Marv4MoBeats, Trizzy, and it Features, Jt Beatz, Celah, Clockwork, Mike Perdue, and Sens Musiq.
  A.I. The Anomaly's New Album,
Artist: A.I. The Anomaly
Album: Soul's Acrylic
Release Date: 2021-01-29 
Track List:
01 Acrylic
02 Eastside
03 Facts
04 Freedom's Palace (feat. Jered Sanders)
05 Kodak of Memor
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"When Peace 586 hit me up and asked me to throw some bars on a beat of his back in 2019 I was amped! I have been a fan of his since I first heard him in the group Freedom Of Soul. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to work together. His response to the song I sent him back was a screen full of fire emojis! ha! We got on the phone, chopped it up and came up with a plan to work on some more songs... which is how No More Soda came to be. The idea

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1 Skip. The Intro 0:42
2 Funky New World 1:37
3 Dert Is Full Of Love 1:53
4 Aurora Jolie 1:39
5 It's Oh So Loud! 1:39
6 Neon Strings 1:44
7 On The Hunt 1:41
8 It's For... 1:40
9 Aqueous 2:12
10 Venus Morning 2:14
11 Dark Currents 1:58
12 Flashback 1:34
13 The Anchor Beat 2:01
14 Generosity 1:22
15 Dert Is Out Of Love 2:15
16 Downtown Living 2:06
17 Amphibious 2:05
18 Unraveled
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Theoraclemag.com's  Ladies Of Christian Hip Hop  Playlist. Created By Prince Malachi. Featuring Jackie Hill Perry, Wande, Heesun Lee And More! [Updated]


The Ladies don't get enough love in Christian hip hop. And there are a lot of dope artists! This Playlist features some of the illest female emcees in the game. It will be updated every week. Let me know what you think at theoraclemag@gmail.com



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Descendantz is back with “Little Kingdoms,” a 90’s hip-hop inspired project with a 2020 vibe. The album features artists: Joshua Penn, Exilian, Fern, Erick Dayz, Selah The CornerDatin, Christian Joshua & Avenue.

Little Kingdoms album is available now on all streaming outlets.


Descendantz – Little Kingdoms Track listing

  1. Rome (Intro)
  2. 1Million
  3. Point Of It All (feat. Joshua Penn & Exilian)
  4. Clockwork Universe
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Artist: Sevin
Album: Pray 4 My Hood Vol.1 
Release Date: 2015-04-28 
Track List:
01 All I Live 4 (feat. Pyrexx)
02 Lets Ride (feat. Seven T)
03 Go Hard
04 P4mh (feat. Sam Vill Lp & Prince Judah)
05 Pledge Allegiance (feat. Buck Barnabus)
06 No Excuse (feat. Cell Blok & Illuminate)
07 Bout Wuteva (feat. Illuminate)
08 Along tha Way (feat. Trubb, da da, Faith & Philly)
09 Casket First
10 Dreamz Shattered (feat. Lee Major, Q Heem the Redeem & Tiz th
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