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Christian Hip Hop Presents | B-Wise - "He Reigns" Music Video | (@ChristianRapz) [Christian Rap]
Christian Rap | Light Rider Music - "Bring It" Music Video | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap #CHH
Christian Rap | Nuke Mayne - "Choose Life" Music Video | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap #CHH
Christian Rap | Polemistis Da Rapper - "Left Right Left" Music Video (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap
Christian Rap | Rik Montero - "Cornerstone" feat. Mission & V. Rose | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap
NEW Christian Rap | 5ive - All My Life" Official Music Video | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap #CHH
Christian Rap | Joshua Salvation - "The Advance" | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap #CHH
Christian Rap | Spiritual Misfitz - "Black Tie Affair" feat T-R3X | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap
Christian Rap | ZEKE - "Convicting Christianity" | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap #CHH
Christian Rap | Crash Muzic - "Be Like You" (Music Video) | (@ChristianRapz) #ChristianRap #CHH
Christian Rap | DJ LostNFound - "Made It Out" feat Saint Jones & Terrance Lamar | (@ChristianRapz)
Christian Rap | Chris Christ Child - "Spiritual Warfare" (Lyric Video) | (@ChristianRapz) #CHH

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