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Fitz unleashed fists of fury on Jake’s face, Olivia broke down and Quinn played Operation with a dead girl’s body.Let’s discuss how Olivia Pope and her friends flew over the cuckoo’s nest on Thursday night’s Scandal.

Olivia full-body cried. Olivia hadn’t seen or heard from Jake in days, and her gut told her that he was in trouble. Olivia’s gut has been wrong so many times at this point, she can’t even get anyone to endorse it on LinkedIn (and you know folks will endorseanything on LinkedIn)

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Trip Lee

Trip Lee, an award-winning MC, author and speaker, embraces the uniqueness of being a “pastor-rapper,” but he has some frustrations with a hypocritical hip-hop industry as well as with Christians who kick against his particular brand of artistic and cultural expression.

Lee’s dual career path is a contrast in many ways to that of another popular rapper and pastor, Mason “Ma$e” Betha. Betha has swung between putting in time at the pulpit and laying out tra

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