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by Segun Olumide


Biblical principles don't change, but methods can change.
For example, Jesus healed the sick with the same principle of faith, but different methods.
It may amaze us that if Jesus wanted to ministered to 3 blind people on the 3 different occasions, he may tell the first, "Go and sin no more." Then he put his hand in the eyes of the second and command: "Be ope

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Tyler Perry is no stranger to controversy, but the filmmaker went the extra mile for one of his most controversial creations on a recent interview.

Speaking with the cast of his hit show, “The Haves and the Have Nots,” Perry asked Crystal Fox how she felt about playing a character viewers love to hate.

“You are one of the most controversial characters I have ever written,” Perry told Fox. “Because she’s Christian. And lots of people, man. They are giving you, ‘What kind of Christian does not

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What's Halloween About Anyway?

by Brian Allison


Should Christians observe Halloween? That is a question over which there has been much debate. In this article, I want to do two things: 1) state the history and nature of Halloween; 2) present a Christian perspective on Halloween.

What is Halloween? Halloween is a annual festive occasion for many children. On the eve of October 31st, many children dress up in costumes and go from house to house, knocking on the doors (often calling out, "Trick or treat!"), in order to receive
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Grammy-Award winning rapper Lecrae recently appeared on the New York City radio station “Hot 97 The Morning Show” where he discussed being censored due to his lyrical content being informed by his Christian faith.

“I’m more censored than the most drugged out violent rapper,” Lecrae told host Ebro who asked if he runs into barriers due to being a Christian rapper. “They censor me more than anybody. I’m marginalized, put in a box, so it’s kind of weird. I’m sitting here trying to put substan

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Where is God Part 3


A few years ago a video surfaced that showed a stray wildebeest stalked and then captured by a group of lions. They dragged the helpless animal to the water where a hungry crocodile got into the act, hoping to steal a meal away. The wildebeest's tragic fate appeared decided until, surprisingly, the herd of wildebeests returned, attacked the lions, and freed the captured wildebeest. I would never have believed the events that transpired if I had not seen that video.


What did the herd of wilde

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I was once at a Bible Study where one of the members remarked how God was with him that morning on his way to work. He had been running late and began to pray for green traffic lights. Sure enough, most of the lights he encountered were green, and he was able to make it to work on time. 

I openly questioned his interpretation of the events to the group and was surprised to hear them agree with him. God somehow altered the lights to allow the man to make up lost time. I continued to argue, saying

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After every catastrophe, tremendous loss of human life, or national crisis, someone asks the inevitable question: "Where was God?"

There are three possibilities for God's role in humanity. The first is that God is in complete control of everything that happens. The second is that God does intervene but only at select times. The third possibility is that God for whatever reason has no role in humanity, and we control our own lives. Let's examine all three.

From at least the Christian perspective,
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10 things People Should Do Everyday

1. Treat others as you would have them treat you:

Treat other people in the manner that you want them to treat you. This is a hallmark of Christianity. Be kind to people, even when they are unkind to you. That way, you set an example for them, you become a representative of the Christian faith.

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you" - Jesus, as quoted in Matthew 7:12 (NIV)

2. Help people:

In Matthew 25:34-40, Jesus tells us that we are to give food to those who are

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Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is undeniably one of the most talented football player, frequently dominating the field as the quarterback for the Denver Broncos and earning the title of five-time league MVP for the NFL.

But for Peyton, the most important aspect of his life is not fame or fortune, but his Christian faith.

In a book titled Manning penned with his father, Peyton discusses his faith and how his deep belief in prayer has encouraged him throughout his years as a top-ranking footba

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Lecrae shared his heart with Billboard magazine—no holds barred—in this video interview. Here’s one of the most powerful things he said:

“As a rapper who is a devout Christian, you would think I would struggle or wrestle with compromise because a lot of hip-hop is full of violence and misogyny and so forth but it’s not really a struggle for me because it’s not my reality. It’s not the life that I’m living.”

Watch the rest of the video to see how Lecrae is working to make an im

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by Luella Campbell

"So after I have completed this task and have made sure that they have received this contribution, I will go to Spain and visit you on the way. I know that when I come to you, I will come in the full measure of the blessing of Christ." Romans 15: 2829.

Paul related his plans with such confidence! It sounds so easy, as though he would hop on a plane in Jerusalem and disembark in Rome before catching another flight to Spain a few days later. But that was not the case

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by Wayne Davies

Have you considered lately what it means to be a Christian? What essential beliefs must a person embrace to be a genuine follower of Jesus? I'm convinced that the answer to these questions can be found in Matthew's account of the virgin birth. The story of Jesus' birth can become so familiar to us that it is easy to miss three of the most breathtaking truths of the Christian faith.

Truth #1: Jesus is God in a human body.

"They will call him Immanuel" which means, "God with u
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Faith vs Doubt

by Henry Miranda


Matthew 14:31-32 (NKJV) 
And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?" 
And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.

When you doubt you are not showing faith. Faith is believing God without wavering, without doubting, and without questioning what He says. It is taking God at His Word and believing that what He has promised He is able to deliver. 

Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV)
"Now faith is the substance
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The NFL, Controversy, and Christians


By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the horrific video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancée unconscious inside a casino elevator. The Ravens have terminated Rice’s contract, and the NFL has placed him on indefinite suspension.

Rice’s actions were reprehensible, and the NFL’s handling of the matter at this point has been questionable at best, and shameful at worst.

Now, what should Christians make of all this? The first thing is perhaps the hardest but certainl

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It is what it is


By Donny Wright PhD

This morning I am mindful of a place that has existed for a long time yet it seems that I have only now discovered it. Its home is in a space between what is right and what is wrong; between what was and what is to come. It does not surpass understanding but rather is understanding. It is a place where troubles are forgotten, anxiety is relieved, depression is released and ego is defeated. I call this space "What it is".

Many have discovered this space before me. Rich and poo

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Propaganda - Crimson Cord
Thi'sl - King of the World feat. Flame, V. Rose, MikeREAL, Nico Wells & KB
Christon Gray - Wanna feat. JGivens
The Walls Group - Perfect People
Reconcile - #HHGH feat. Json & Corey Paul
KB - Kamikaze feat. Prisca
Mr. Del - H'z Up feat. Andale, D-Maub, & Pettidee
Clear Sight Music - King of the World feat. Flame, V. Rose, MikeREAL, Nico Wells & KB
Tedashii - Dark Days, Darker Nights feat. Britt Nicole
Social Club - No Sleep feat. Rey King
KJ-52 - Gameface fe

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The Biblical Principles for Living

by J. Rubino

Life is so hard sometimes and being a Christian doesn't mean that life's problems will go away. We can rest assured though that if we apply the six principles of living found in 1 Chronicles 28:9-10to our life that our problems will be dealt with easier.

Principle #1 Develop a personal relationship with God. 

We must realize that God wants a relationship with us. We should want a relationship with him as well. It is vital that we set aside time every day to pray and read our bib
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S. Truett Cathy

S. Truett Cathy, founder and chairman emeritus of Chick-fil-A, died today (Sept. 8) at 1:35 a.m., according to an announcement from the Atlanta-based restaurant chain. Cathy was 93.

Baptist Press will post a broadened obituary later today. A company-released obituary follows of Cathy, a Southern Baptist churchman known for his commitment to Chick-fil-A restaurants being closed on Sundays.

Cathy, who died peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones, was born March 14, 1921, in

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By J. Rubino

consistency - constancy: the ability to maintain a particular standard or repeat a particular task with minimal variation

Christian -believer in Jesus Christ as savior: somebody whose religion is Christianity

Christianity - religion that follows Jesus Christ's teachings: the religion based on the life, teachings, and example of Jesus Christ

Now that we have established what these words independently mean, let's define what it means to be a "Consistent Christian". Based on the defin
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