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Finding your life’s purpose can help you reach great heights. Before you find your purpose, you need to define it. It’s only logical that you do everything in steps.  

Whenever you decide to do anything in life, you take a step-wise approach. From performing reactions in a lab to cooking, everything needs to be done in steps. So, it is quite logical to define your purpose before you set out to find it. 

Frederick Buchner once said,

   “Purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the worl

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In this episode of Da Fixx, filmmaker Sydney Tooley discusses her faith journey and her new movie Sun Moon, now streaming on PureFlix. We also have a second exclusive interview with NBA veteran, Author and Philanthropist CJ Watson who shares the inspiration behind his children book series and his Quiet Storm Youth Foundation. Our real talk topic is marriage and finances and how to have that conversation with your significant other.

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Do you want to live healthier, but you think it’s too expensive? According to a recent survey, finances are a major obstacle for many adults trying to shape up.


Almost 60% of Americans say that the high cost of health and wellness is a major barrier to living a healthy lifestyle, according to OnePoll, a marketing research company. The figure rises to 68% for those who live in cities.


Smart home gym equipment and meal subscription boxes could cost you thousands of dollars a year. However, th

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If you look around yourself, you’ll see that most people follow the same dream. So much so that they all seem to have the same purpose.  

The most common example of this is how everyone believes their purpose in life is to earn money. In addition to that, starting a family also accompanies this desire to acquire wealth. 


This will sound very familiar to most people only because these are the words of your parents, teachers and friends. You’ve always  heard people talk about these basic things.

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Doing What You Love

What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m sure you were asked this question at least once when you were a youngster. When asked the question, did you have an answer at the ready, or did you need a few minutes to think about it? We all had dreams of becoming something great, like a fireman, a teacher, or a rock star, just to name a few. Well, how did you do? Maybe you never aspired to be what you set out to be or said that you would become. But then again, things change. The older we get, ou

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Happiness is a code that all humans have. It’s deemed essential, and everyone seems to believe it. In fact, it’s gained a religion-like reverence that everyone follows.  

But happiness is something that is relatively subjective. It can be big, small, long term or short term. And since it’s more of a general term, everyone can relate to it. Some common things that make everyone happy are family, career, a good job and money.  

Fulfillment on the other hand is something more personal. It’s  yours.

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Focus = Clarity

Photographs are clearer when they are in focus. When they are out of focus, they are blurry, indistinct. How many times have you been disappointed by the result when the focus was off? Faces or objects are blurred, maybe even unrecognizable. Toss that one away a poor quality picture that does not meet the ideal you had in mind when you took it. Scratch it up to experience. Maybe blame it on the camera.


The quality of the reality pictures that show up in your life are also largely due to proper

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You probably already know how having an unwavering belief in yourself improves your work life or even helps you be more confident in your everyday life. But were you aware of just how much having this kind of self-belief improves your relationships with others?


Think about these things:


1. You’ll be More Genuine

When we're unsure of ourselves, it's easy to adopt a persona, especially when around people we're hoping to impress. But how do others around you like the 'fake' you? Sooner or lat

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by Lupie Riley  


Thought:  Most of us reading this would agree were living in troublesome times.  The last three years have made a grievous change in our lifestyle.  Mandatory vaccines, face masks, social distancing, closing of schools and churches, medical care compromised, and the list goes on like something out of a bad fiction movie.  A high percentage of the masses obeyed the rules coming from maniacal dictators behind the scenes whose goal was to turn America into a third world country. 

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Da Squad has an in depth conversation with Kidd Lee, a young rapper who recently found Christ and transitioned from secular to Christian music. We talked about her faith journey, mental health struggles, how she overcame depression and her daily spiritual regimen. It was a powerful conversation that we think you’ll enjoy.

Tha Kidd battles depressions and wins

Kidd Lee shared that she found Christ in 2020 after going through a period of depression and suicidal thoughts. She lost he

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In relationships, there’s communication, and then there’s effective communication. Communication is something that takes a lot of work, and once you’ve successfully positioned yourself as a communicator, the next step is to crack the code at being an effective communicator. If you’re at that step, try these 5 mini steps to help you along with effectively communicating your feelings. 



1. Allow Yourself to Feel 


Going into a conversation with guilt or apprehension about your feelings? That w

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Finding purpose in life starts with the understanding that Yahweh gave a value to us, that he didn't give to other creatures. While every living creature has purpose, he gave our lives deeper purpose and meaning. Something else that makes us different from other creatures, is that we have the ability to do something that benefits ourselves and others. So, in part, our purpose is to contribute to this world in a positive and significant way.

We should get a lot of satisfaction from helping others

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The Importance Of  Finding Meaning In Life 

Let’s re-visit the idea of a conscious life once more.  

If you find meaning in your life, you’ll be able to learn your purpose  in this world. Experts believe that you can live your life in two ways.  The first says that if you’re conscious, you’ll live along the same lines as others. Yet, you’ll experience the same things differently.  

The second way to live is to live unconsciously. Broadly speaking, if you live like that, life will just happen to

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by Tonja Taylor  

The biggest secret to being happy is to be thankful!

Just start choosing to thank the LORD (as He commands in I Thessalonians 5), and you will soon starting thinking on things above, and remembering the goodness of God!

6 [And it is, indeed, a source of immense profit, for] godliness accompanied with contentment (that contentment which is a sense of [inward sufficiency) is great and abundant gain. 7 For we brought nothing into the world, and obviously we cannot take anything o

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Most people have no idea what they’d like to pursue or do with their lives. And this is not just high school graduates full of aspiring, wonderful dreams. In fact, it’s most adults; even after finishing school, getting a job and making steady money. There’s still room for clearly defining what their life purpose is.  

In fact, it’s a conflict that often begins in adult life. Seemingly simple questions like “What do I want to do with my life?”, “What am I passionate about?” and “How can I make my

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Have you heard any bad news this week, we are inundated by them. The media blasts us with waves and waves of them. Our friends and acquaintances peddle them. We live in a very large world, that is filled to the brim with unpleasant news. History is replete with tales of them, the present teams with them, and many do not believe in the possibility of a future that is not devoid of them.

The Book of Job puts it this way, man who is born of woman is a few days and full of trouble. It is almost as i

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Have you tried to make healthy changes in your life without success? Did you encounter obstacles that made you feel like giving up?


Having the kind of lifestyle that promotes health and wellness takes some work. But it certainly helps when you have an idea of the direction to take.


This is a quick guide to positive ways towards a healthier lifestyle and techniques to avoid in your quest.


The Healthy Way Towards a Healthy Lifestyle


1. Get adequate rest. You can get better results from any

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When I reflect back to see what I have harvested. I realize I have harvested wisdom. 


I notice that it has been a tremendous period of self-growth. I know I grow most from challenges, and I have grown a TON! At least now, I can laugh about it. Hindsight truly is 20/20.


I have to give myself credit for what I have accomplished this year. Who knew that I am so resilient? I am grateful that I didn’t know in advance how hard it would be. Just for living through this year, I deserve a badge of co

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Expect With Confidence

Often our expectations are based on the assumptions we have about people or groups of people. The same is true of us. Have you ever noticed how your expectations become reality in your personal life? Expectation is literally a self-fulfilling prophecy. We do this consciously and subconsciously. Remember the kid in grade school who was always really rowdy and disruptive? Sometimes if people already assume they are perceived a certain way, then that is indeed exactly how they will act, even if the

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Mind of a Champion

How many times did you hear a true champion speak with doubt? How many times did you hear a boxer say, “It will be a tough fight, we will just have to wait until Saturday and see how it all works out”? Never, because doubt will knock you out before you even begin.


The athletes that are remembered are always those that performed memorably during times of pressure. I say memorably because they could be remembered for choking or rising to the occasion. Anyone who has played competitive sports kno

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