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Purging Digital Distractions for Increased Productivity


Productivity means different things for different people. It is usually related to activities and experiences that are important to a person. Productivity isn't an issue when you are doing your laundry. If you don't enjoy this task, you couldn't care less how efficient the experience is.


You want to be productive when you are engaged in an enjoyable process. That makes sense. The problem is that when you are unproductive at anything, wh

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 I am so excited about what I’ll be discussing with you all today. It is probably a topic you have heard a couple of times but it’s not a topic you should not listen to consistently. Why you say? Because you are in the world and as long as you are in the world, the devil always throws darts at you in different ways, through different methods all to ensure that you lose focus and begin to doubt God. Can you guess the topic by now? Never give up on trusting God. The lyrics of a beautiful song says

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Have you allowed other people to define you? To tell you who you are and who you aren't? Do you know how special you are in God's eyes? Understanding who you are in Christ will give you a strong foundation to build your life on. Your identity doesn't come from people or things. Your true identity is who God says you are!
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In the morning before you go anywhere, You get up and you make a decision. I belong to God. I don't belong to myself and when I go out, when I go out of this bedroom, I start dealing with my family. When I go out the front door and I start dealing with society, I am a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and I need to put on behavior That's going to represent him. I have the mind of Christ, I have the Spirit of God in me. I don't have the privilege or the rights, which is not really

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How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as, strong or weak, capable or incapable? Do you believe that your past has to always affect your future. Do you believe that God loves you, do you believe today that you're special. Maybe all your life you've been treated like the tail end of everything? Maybe you had siblings and  it seemed to you like your mom and dad always preferred all the other kids over you maybe you had difficulty learning in school and you always got the worst grades. Maybe

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Whenever you start your day you need to start it with God. Get up early and take care of the hard tasks. David got up early the day he slayed Goliath. You’re not going to slay your giants lying in bed hitting the snooze button. When you learn to set your mind on God each morning, He'll give you all the strength and wisdom you need to conquer the day.
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Joshua 1:8 gives insight on how we can have good success. The verse says that we must meditate in the Word day and night. Meditation is the process of chewing on the Word. To ponder, think aloud, consider continuously and utter something repeatedly. As you do this, your life will be blessed with increased faith, wisdom, success and victory over sin.
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Never has uncertainty been any greater than it is today in uncertain times, because as uncertain as things are of this, I am certain that God almighty is still on his throne. I am certain that the Word of God is true from page to page and cover to cover I am certain that every promise, locked int hese pages is good for a thousand generations. I am certain that, even though men on this earth may plan and they may plot - and they may have devised Schemes and try to control the things of this earth

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Scripture speaks repeatedly of the importance of prayer. We should make it a priority every day to seek God first in prayer. We should never underestimate the power of prayer. Spending time in prayer every morning gives you strength and motivation for the day ahead!
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And so I suppose, all of us, at some time or another have, been frustrated that we've been discouraged and, that we've been tempted to quit we tried hard, but we didn't immediately get the results. We expected. Therefore, we declare you know what I tried it didn't work. I quit now, who am I talking to out there? I tried didn't work, so I quit

The struggles of life have pilfered the life out of your life and you don't know where to turn and quite honestly, you don't know, if faith is worth the ri

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My dream personal development looks like this:

1. Traveling whenever I want to even outside of Thanksgiving, Christmas & Spring breaks.

2. Volunteering at the local hospital on a random Tuesday without having to take vacation days.

3. Working with A team of people  who are excited about Yahweh and dope christian hip hop.

4. Being fully self  employed.

5. A deeper relationship with Yahweh the Father

It’s a lifestyle.



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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We often compare ourselves to people who have been working for years to get to where they are today.

Stop it!

The others with the “overnight success” or immediate results have been at this longer than you have.

They have had more time to grow and build.

Take your life one step at a time and do what you can with what you have, right now.



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