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We Encourage Women Wednesday: Modesty

Hey Ladies!!!! We are BACK!!!! It is Wednesday so yall already know what that means!!! We are at the forefront of the focus today!! I know we are some busy women and I just want to drop something on you to encourage you real quick

1 Timothy 2:9 (AMP)

Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves modestly and appropriately and discreetly in proper clothing, not with elaborately braided hair and gold or pearls or expensive clothes.

So I love the way that the amplified bible breaks down what this scri

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I was in a mood trying to write to yall from this overly Christian place. I was starting to feel discouraged because I didn't feel like a Christian should as if there was a monolithic Christian experience. In all honesty, every day is not happy and beautiful, and in this season of rediscovery for me, I am going to take yall on this trip with me. May we all find what we are looking for. I guess this one is for the creatives, the poets, and songwriters. Yall will feel me more than most. Aiight Tri

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In 2002, Louie Giglio, founder of the Passion Movement, invited an unknown artist named Amena Brown to perform her spoken-word poetry at a vision-casting event called One Day Link. The conference was simulcast to over 20,000 people. At the time, Brown had been turned down by graduate schools and faced disappointment. “I did my poem [at the event] and knew that God was trying to say to me, ‘This is why you didn’t get into grad school, and my plans for your life are different than your plans for

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We are (The come up)

Writing in a world lacking understanding and opportunity. We gain so much more when we find our come up, our gift worth living for. We are the future, the chosen generation. When our father return, would we have made our purpose complete? Or fulfilled our come up and find destiny through the eyes of thoses who makes us smile? Reach and seek your come up, persue and discover many possibilities life has to offer. Dont ever let your pride or ego cost you you're gift. We are the come up thats living
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Take me away (Far away)

Take me away...


Take me away, so fare away from everything & every pain, worry & heart break. Take me to a place i'm free to do as i please. To a paradise unknown to man kind. so beautiful & pure. With fruits of knowledge, not self centered beings. Take me to the highest mountain, so i can give praise to my creater. Live life free of choices, not demands. Let me be free from all hate. Grow into someone special & provide such wonderful meaning to life's worth. Recreating man kind with the creater

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Today! (I Am)

Today my life changes even more. Winning at what I love most, writing what makes me happy. Gaining love from other’s who share the same passion as I. god has blessed me, to the point I don’t deserve it. But he knows my heart, my soul, my purpose.

Today I’m taking on responsibilities, acknowledging my father, the head of my life, giving him praise for all he has done for me. Loving me, forgiving me and allowing me to breath another day. I’m so thankful, but sometimes I have a hard time showing it.

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If Tomorrow Never Comes.

As I sit, acknowledging life. A thought pop’s in my head, if tomorrow never comes. What have I accomplished? What have I changed, that i needed to improve the most in my life? If tomorrow never come’s, I’ve learned all there is about life. All that god allowed me to know. But have I achieved all he wanted me too?

Trials & tribulations I have bared, gaining self-control over my outrageous temper. Learning to let go of pain. Walk away & be the bigger person, never letting anyone take advantage of m

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Through My Tears (The Past)

Through my tears, throughout the years. Has been a journey of great trials. The pain i felt, Are strong holds to my past. (The Past) Something we refuse to let go of. The past is ways to hold on to fear, hurt & unforgiveness. It never solves anything. It only causes confusion, regret & Sorrow.

  Through my tears, i've learn to hate, those who hurt me. My past has cause me to let down, those who really cared about me & loved me. 

  Through my tears, i've learned to love. The past & my Tears taught

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