affirmation (3)

I know my place in the universe and I am fulfilling my purpose. I believe that  Yahweh put me  put on Earth for a specific reason. I know that reason and do my best each day to live my life at the highest level.


I am confident that I know my reason for existing. Each day gives me the opportunity to be radiantly alive. I am grateful for the good fortune bestowed upon me.


I build my life around my purpose. Since I know my purpose, I find it easier to make decisions. My decisions and values ali

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In everything I do, I display a true sense of purpose. I take every action as an opportunity to use my abilities to the fullest. 


I know that the results are more favorable when I give something my all, and it is because of my successes that my sense of purpose continues to thrive.


I love my family and friends with a strong sense of purpose. I remind myself each day that they are part of my backbone and support system and they deserve my complete and unconditional love. I feel a strong bond

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My body consists of precious muscles, joints, and tissues. How I treat them determines how well my body supports me, so I treat them well by eating a healthy diet.


I help prevent toxins by eating natural and unprocessed foods.


My brain is also dependent on my diet for proper functioning. I commit to having foods that keep my mind clear and sharp. Vitamins are great contributors to mental clarity.


Consuming fiber helps me fight bacteria. My daily diet contains several servings of fruit, veg

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