Today! (I Am)

Today my life changes even more. Winning at what I love most, writing what makes me happy. Gaining love from other’s who share the same passion as I. god has blessed me, to the point I don’t deserve it. But he knows my heart, my soul, my purpose.

Today I’m taking on responsibilities, acknowledging my father, the head of my life, giving him praise for all he has done for me. Loving me, forgiving me and allowing me to breath another day. I’m so thankful, but sometimes I have a hard time showing it.

Today I’m living my life, for what’s right. Allowing myself to be truthful in all I do. Become a man of righteousness, living in a world full of wrong, I wont to provide hope upon life. I’ve made mistakes and still do. But each time, I learn I’m only human and perfect in no shape of form.

Today my life began with love, hope, faith, care and most importantly God.



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