Through My Tears (The Past)

Through my tears, throughout the years. Has been a journey of great trials. The pain i felt, Are strong holds to my past. (The Past) Something we refuse to let go of. The past is ways to hold on to fear, hurt & unforgiveness. It never solves anything. It only causes confusion, regret & Sorrow.

  Through my tears, i've learn to hate, those who hurt me. My past has cause me to let down, those who really cared about me & loved me. 

  Through my tears, i've learned to love. The past & my Tears taught me to remember those who were there for me. The ones who brought me up. Taught me values of trust & respect.

  Through my tears, The past has lead me to turn my back on those who betrayed my trust, used & abused my friendship. My past allowed me to shut out the ones who lied & mislead me.

  Through my tears, my past has made me realize the marols of human beings. the stubbornness, lies & The lack of honesty. why must my past remind me how evil & conniving. & hot they take each other for granted. It has open my eyes to see that life isnt fair & people dont always see eye to eye.

Through my tears, i've learned to except the fact i'm only human. That i'm made of flesh, Which explains our mistakes. We all fall short of knowlege & self respect. My past has brought me along way, through mighty storms I must remind you i didnt do it alone.

  Through my tears, i've decided not to let anyone bringme down, I've learned to pass them by, without giving them the satisfaction. Without worrying, stressing & denying what i believe in. My past has also taught me not to be afaid of anything or anyone.

  Through my tears, i've defeated the enemy of darkness. The darkness within myself. It allowed me to open myself up to you! & smile & give thanks to those in my past who pushed me to believe in such a wonderful man by the name of christ. The life & light of my life.

  Through my tears, I've heard a voice, a voice like no other i've evered heard, My past allowed me to shut out the voice within, The key to my past & present. As i seek to inprove my life, My past always finds ways to creep up on me. Breaking me down & wearing me out.

  Through my tears, i've found peace. Away to express myself. Be comfortable with who i am. I've gain enough strenght to carry out the voice within. My past want hold me down anymore, not this time. I refuse to ignore the power of almighty, god almighty. My lord & savior.

  Through my tears, i've found grace, hope & most of all a piece of mind. Courage to move on. live my life for what it's worth. My past, My past. Thanks for strenght, shelter & comfort.

  Though my tears, i've lost the past. Left behind what hurt me the most. I let go of those who didnt care for me. But with pain comes brighter days. & for the record with time comes wisdom & knowlege....

  Through my tears, i've also learned to live without my past.


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