Mountain High Valley Low! By Shakura Reed


Dear Successful Women of The Mountain   

                               Look at you! You made it! Against all odds, shame, sleepless nights and no social life! You have accomplished your dream! CONGRATULATIONS!!! How is the view from up there! Was it worth it? Is it everything that you thought it would be? That’s good to hear! I have a question for you. With everything that you learned; what was the hardest sacrifice? Did you ever just want to stop and say, I’m done! The reason why I am asking is because we that are here in the valley are tired. We have done everything that we could think of to be successful. And it's not working! We have asked others on the mountain top to help. It seems that they are so high up that they don’t see or hear us. All we want is advice from other successful women. The single mothers, divorced, widowed, misunderstood, etc. We don’t want a handout. We honor hard work and determination! It’s what separates us from the others. I don’t know if you all will get this letter. If you all do, occasionally, can you all send us some advice, encouragement or something from the mountain top. We understand that you all are busy. We also understand that the wisdom you all have if shared can help us. We thank all of you in advance!


                                                                                                     The Women in the Valley


Help is on the Way! By Shakura Reed


Shakura Reed    By Shakura Reed

I know I know! Just breathe in, now let it out. Breathe in and now let it out. I have been there myself.…


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Through the Fire! By Shakura Reed


Shakura Reed   By Shakura Reed

Let me first start off by saying that, every trial that you go through is not about you! Yes, you are the one going through it. Yes, you are the one it…


I Came by To Encourage You Women! It Does Get Better! It will Be Better! By Shakura Reed


Do These Exact 3 Things.

  1. Pray - make your request known unto God. No request is too big or too small.  Remember he…
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