If Tomorrow Never Comes.

As I sit, acknowledging life. A thought pop’s in my head, if tomorrow never comes. What have I accomplished? What have I changed, that i needed to improve the most in my life? If tomorrow never come’s, I’ve learned all there is about life. All that god allowed me to know. But have I achieved all he wanted me too?

Trials & tribulations I have bared, gaining self-control over my outrageous temper. Learning to let go of pain. Walk away & be the bigger person, never letting anyone take advantage of me, nor run over me in any way. If tomorrow never comes, I've kept my dignity. To stand strong against all life’s obstacles, all the heart aches, break downs & all the hatred I’ve endured. I’ve accomplished a dream. A dream to write & touch the hearts of reader’s, strengthen & encourage them to move forward, not backwards.

My goal to dream, has opened my eyes to many possibilities, to win & achieve. If tomorrow never comes, I’ll be alright. Because my words will live on in the minds of man kind, continuing as life processed & develop into something surreal, showing those who want understanding. The way of life, & what it’s worth. If tomorrow never comes. I pray to god my soul, he’ll take.


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