How To Cook Healthfully

More and more people choose to cook their own foods rather than taking the fast food to have healthy food. Although many restaurants are offering healthier choices, it is still wise to cook your own food when you can.


When cooking your own foods, it is easier to control the amounts of the unhealthy ingredients, which are added to pre-packaged foods. For instance, when cooking your own spaghetti sauce, you control the amount of salt, which is added. This amount is usually much less than amounts an already prepared sauce contains.


Even those of us who try to make health conscious decisions like a fried dish every now and then.

Whether it is stir-frying fresh vegetables or an over-easy egg, when doing your own cooking you can use virgin olive oil, which contains healthy fats as opposed to an establishment, which uses less healthy oils for frying or cooking.



One thing to remember when cooking healthfully, is that the fresher foods you can start meal planning with, the healthier the meal.

Try to include something fresh with each meal. Purchase broccoli, cauliflower, and other common vegetables and cook them in your favorite recipes rather than pre-packaged options, which can contain many unhealthy addititives including sodium.



When selecting meats, go for the leaner, healthier varieties. Chose the lean cuts of steaks, roasts and other red meats. The healthier you start a meal the healthier it will be on the dinner table. When it is appropriate, choose bean dishes rather than meat. Beans often have the same amounts of protein as meats and sometimes even more. Many varieties of beans have lots of fiber and less fat than common cuts of meats.


Simple things can be replaced to help your cooked meals be healthier. Replace margarine and vegetable oils with real butter and olive oils for healthier cooked meals. Choose to cook your own vegetables over prepackaged varieties, and select leaner cuts of meats. By making these three simple changes your meals will be healthier right away.



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