...weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.   -Psalm 30:5

We all cry sometimes (if we are honest) We all have moments in our lives that seem dark and stormy, but like the faithful sunrise, morning comes and the Joy of The Lord strengthens and picks us up, sometimes to the point that we even forget what we were weeping about. God is always faithful and His Joy is our strength. When the storms come, don't fret just hold on and look to the horizon cause joy is coming in the morning!

Today's Challenge: Don't be tricked into looking at the stormy circumstances, don't dwell on the things that cause you to weep. Put your trust in God and Hang in there! Joy isn't a feeling it's a choice! Choose The Joy of the Lord wherever you are today! Ya Heard!

Shacah - Arise

Shachah presents their Music Video for "Arise (Stand Up)" from the album ON THE MOVE (Cross Movement Records). In Stores Now. |
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