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Mase says goodbye to El Elyon International.

Over the past several years, Mase has been focusing on his ministry and doing all he can to build up his two churches in Atlanta and Phoenix. Now, thousands of followers later, the “Nothing” rapper, is saying goodbye to the church for good.

TMZ, first broke the story, the rapper, who left the music industry back in 1999, came under fire earlier this year after he divorced his wife, Twyla Betha. Mase was known for his sermons on family values and

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One lesson you should learn about Mase – NEVER ask him about preaching while at a music-based event! Konan of 92Q Jams in Baltimore learned that the hard way when he opened up his interview at the BET Awards Radio Broadcast Center with “so the people want to know, are you preaching or are you rapping?” It all went south from there.

Mase went on a rant for several minutes. Unfortunately the audio is not the greatest quality but you can make out a few strong statements:

“Actually the interview

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For the past few weeks rapper turned pastor, Mase had been spreading the word that his rumored divorce from wife Twyla is off and that the couple are working on restoring their marriage. The only problem with that is that according to legal documents filed in San Diego, the couple actually already separated two years ago, not back in January like they have recently claimed. When the members of his church revealed that the rapper-turned-reverend may be leading a double-life

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