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Lauren Hill on a Wheaties box.
(Photo: Facebook/Layup4Lauren)

Already a champion, Lauren Hill joined the ranks of esteemed athletes by being featured on her own Wheaties box.

In another achievement in an already incredible week, Hill was named Women’s Basketball Player of the Week in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Of course, all of that likely pales in comparison to sinking her opening layup against Hiram Sunday.

Here’s more on Hill’s Player of the Week award:

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"I wanted to write stories on love but not the love we hear about often...Love is Hard & Hardly ever a fairytale. Love is not a one night stand or just some random cut buddy. I think we've forgotten exactly what love is or never really learned. All of our stories are different but love, though hard at times, it is a gift from God to be experienced & enjoyed as he has designed!" said Natalie expounding on the heart behind her EP. 


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