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Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris made a direct appeal to Black men Friday, defending her record as a prosecutor, blasting President Donald Trump as “racist” and vouching for Joe Biden as a man capable of addressing systemic racism and leading a diverse country.

“I’m not going to tell anybody, including Black men, that they’re supposed to vote for us. We need to earn that vote,” Harris told a roundtable of Black men in one of several stops across Atlanta, the Demo

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Politics in the United States is insanely polarizing. Still, the #MyNameIs hashtag was refreshing to see, displaying how we could all come together to call out racism when it is blatantly obvious. 

GOP Sen. David Purdue put his racism on full display when he decided to mispronounce Democratic Vice President candidate Kamala Harris name. Twitter banded together to counter Purdue’s ignorance.

The Georgia Senator, who is currently in danger of losing his seat, didn’t make hi
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Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris addressed Democrats on Aug. 19 during the third night of the Democratic National Convention.

The coronavirus pandemic upended both parties’ traditional conventions. Instead of in-person events, the program each night features a number of speakers and musical performances virtually across the country.


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  • Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris as his running mate 
  • The two will appear together Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware 
  • Biden personally called Rep. Karen Bass to tell her she is not the pick 
  • Biden gave no hint of who he was thinking of picking in public appearances over the weekend when he was at family beach home in Rehoboth, Delaware
  • He has spoken to all the finalist and will announce in 'middle of the week' 
  • Meanwhile President Trump said 'some people' think men will be mad that Biden vow
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