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I just want to share just a little bit of Scripture with you, Psalms, 139: 23 and 24

Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
24 And see if there is any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.

Listen, none of us want to think about the things that are wrong in our life are the things that are bad about us. We just rather think about the good stuff. We'd rather ask God to bless us, but sometimes when God wants to bless you after the blessing, he must break you to get to the good stuff. If you had a hundred dollar bill and you took that hundred dollar bill to the store you wanted to buy something. What would you have to do? You'd have to break it to pay for what you wanted to pay for. If you cooking breakfast - and you want to make some eggs, the egg is fine in the shell, but in order to get what's inside, you've got to break it right? And sometimes to get to the best of you. You've got to go through something and we fight going through so much we don't like going through. It doesn't feel good, it's not comfortable, but if you come out and if you've gone through knowing that God has already blessed you, you come out better for it. So don't be stressed about going through. Actually, we need to learn to pray that prayer. It's a dangerous prayer when we need to learn the prayer God break me and make me better. In Matthew 26 it says

Now as they were, eating Jesus took the bread, and after blessing it he broke it and gave it to the disciples.

Many of us  have asked - God used me for your glory. Lord. I pray this prayer all the time. Lord. I want to be a conduit, so you can flow through me. I don't want to be a container. I don't want to just hold all the blessings to myself, but if you're asking God to break you, you don't have to go through some stuff. But if he's already blessed you that means you're already going to come out with the victory. So, if you are a believer and you're trying to get to that next level of faith, that next level in life, or maybe you're brand-new one you're just trying to figure this thing out, ask God to break away the things that are not like him. Ask God to take away the things in your heart that don't please him even the things that you don't like about yourself, because sometimes there's things that we don't like it. We just deal with it. This is just who I am. This is just how I am. I don't want to be how I am I want to be how God wants me to be, and if I want to beat how God wants me to be, I've got to get in his word, but if you don't know what he said in his word, you Really don't know what to do. You'Ve been waiting on God to do stuff, and you don't really know us. You won't get in the word. Guess what stick with me for these daily devotionals we're gon na find out what God said about us: we're gon na grow in faith. We're gon na be better we're gon na be broken. We're going to be blessed we're gon na come out. God is going to use your gifts for his glory, so be encouraged, whether you are going through or coming out of something. I don't know what you're dealing with right now, but I know God is always the solution and if you go through with him you're going through the right way, you'll come out with the victory. His word says he always causes us to triumph. Let me you already got the victory, so don't trip in the test. Don'T trip in the child? Don'T trip, even in this time that our country is going through. God will cause us to triumph. We'Ve got the victory in Jesus name. I hope you believe that all right, y'all God bless - you - have an awesome an amazing day.

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