What I'm Listening to Now: HOG MOB - Mob Millennium, NF - Clouds (The Mixtape), Eshon Burgundy - Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Krum - Black Lung, Bumps INF - The Chaos Is Beautiful

HOG MOB - Mob Millennium 


 Peep this dope new project out and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Artist: HOG MOB
Album: Mob Millennium
Release Date: 2021-03-26
Track List:
01 4eva Mobn
02 Hog Mob
03 Clean up Nice
04 Forgiven
05 Rhil 4 Lyfe
06 Animal
07 Need God
08 Soldier
09 2020 Hog Mob Cypher
10 Reload
11 The Past
12 The Harvest
13 The Remnant
14 I Need You
15 Prayin 4 U
16 Murda
17 Made Men
18 Octane
19 Duct Tape
20 Out of Control
21 Not Asleep
22 The Gospel
New Music For You To Stream! NF - CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)

Artist: NF 
Release Date: 2021-03-26

Listen to the full mixtape below.
Track List:
06 LOST (feat. Hopsin)
09 TRUST (feat. Tech N9ne)
11 CLOUDS (Edit)

What I'm Listening to Now: Eshon Burgundy -




Get the new Project here: Don’t Shoot the Messenger:


1. Don’t shoot
2. Belly
3. I knew you loved me ft. Lucius Rouser
4. Nothing but the blood
5. Sins of omission ft. Japhia Life
6. Israel thoughts ft. Chevaun Benjamin
7. Fall away ft. Zara Royalty
8. Staircases
9. Goggles ft. Chvrch + Tone Spain
10. Angelic ft. Fern


Peep This Dope New Album And Let Me Know What You Think! Krum - Black Lung


Artist: Krum
Album: Black Lung
Release Date: 2021-04-06 
Track List:
01 Picture of a Killer
02 Hell Knows (feat. Propaganda & Derek Minor)
03 Danger Bag (feat. Theory Hazit)
04 Dust You Go (feat. Pigeon John & Jabee)
05 Black Powder (feat. Sivion & Ozay Moore)
06 Ultra Mag (feat. Solemn Brigham)
07 Chops Ahoy (feat. Copywrite)
08 Uptown Eyes Wide (feat. Sareem Poems)
09 Capital G (feat. Manchild)
10 Pho 99 (feat. Sintax the Terrific)
11 Not One Thing (feat. Tanya Morgan)
12 How Do Ya Do (feat. Stik Figa)
13 Riddle Me This (feat. JGivens)
14 Trials and Tribs (feat. Heath McNease)
15 Fruit Fly (feat. Freddie Bruno)
16 Rubber Biscuit (feat. Headkrack)
17 Dig Dug's Black Lung
My 2020 Album Of The Year!  Taelor Gray - Touch Not Mine Anointed Album Review By Prince Malachi @taelor_gray


I didn't hear about  Taelor  Gray until 2015. That's when he dropped The Mocker and the Monarch independently. I loved everything he's put out since then. I never understood why he wasn't blowing up like some of the other rappers in Christian hip hop. Well, it's 2020 and it's time to stop sleeping! Pastor Gray clicked up with Swoope (There It Is)  and they crafted a masterwork. Ok I might be exaggerating a little. But this album is defiantly fire. The eight-song project has features only from Tragic Hero and his mom,  Leigh Ann Gray.
Taelor Gray is a hip hop head that really cares about the art form. You can tell by how he put these bars together. “Take Me Back” is a song of reflection. This album is transparent and on this joint Taelor takes you back to a time before he was a Christian. Here he shows an appreciation for the Work Yahweh has done in his life.  But after to tells you about some of the dirt he did when he was younger, the climax comes at the end when his mom  talks about how she knew he would do great things for God
Hey son, hey I just wanted to give you a quick call just to let you know how much I, um, appreciate you and what I've observed just about your journey
I knew that you were going to be something great for God and, um, would be telling the world about Him
So I saw that a long time ago and I just wanted to celebrate you and just to let you know that mom sees
I see it all
Further evidence of Taelor's  lyrical mastery can be seen on the second track, On My Way Up
I'm not a man with answers, this is son of man thankful
I'm not a fan of phantoms, but that ghost man faithful
That was close man, he raised me
Went from casket to a Lazarus 'cause the [?] king with a natural [?] took compassion to save me
Yo was a known fella with no shelter
Now I go tell it with a propeller, and a red banner and an open book
These words written in a red grammar, that's red rum
The dead coming from the gravesides at the last trump
But I asked someone that's Revelation
That's chapter one and the last covenant
Them metaphors though.
Pretty Brown is one of the favorite songs on the album. has a message I don't think we hear enough in Christian hip hop, but isn't something out sistas need to hear, The beauty of the black woman 
You make this broken world whole until it starts to heal me
And I can't find your ceiling this is every bit of brilliance black girl
You be teaching your resilience black girl
So keep on, grab your hat, get your coat, get your coat, girl
You called us monarchs when you knew that we was broke, girl
And this my feeble words told Swoope we needed one
I see your pretty brown skin and yeah, I see the sun
I like you with no makeup looking colder than the glacier
And I'm like it how your makeup kind of show you how you playful and I love to see you playful
Look, I can't leave you mad
I still need your smile, 'cos nature needs your laugh
Yall need to stop sleeping on Swoope too, As an artist, in general, he's considered one of the top in Christian hip hop. But as A producer he is underrated. This project should be proof that Swoope doesn't play games.  The running joke about Swoope is that he sounds like Kanye West. maybe even more than Kanye lol. Well here he's in full "Old Kanye" mode. I wish I could identify the samples used here. If anyone knows any of these samples please leave them in the comment section below. This takes me back to Jay Z's "The Blueprint". I could actually just listen to these beats alone. Overall, the production is fire
So To  Rap This Up...
 In 2019 one of my favorite Christian hip hop producers/Emcees Theory Hazit (Who is from Ohio like Swoope) clicked up with Krum to put together a masterpiece. In fact, I wrote a review calling Here’s Mud in Your Eye the most slept on album of that year. And now here we are  with another album produced by one of my favorite Christian hip hop producers/Emcees, Swoope ( Who is from Ohio like Theory Hazit) clicked up with Taelor  Gray to create  my album of the year  and the most slept on album of the year. Fire production, lyrical depth and substance. This is what I would call a complete album. Have You Heard it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment's below.

Military Mindset Production’s Compilation Album -  Behind Enemy Lines

Military Mindset Production’s Debut Compilation Album, “Behind Enemy Lines” Is one of My fav joint's right now. This album is fire! 



Artist: Bumps INF
Album: The Chaos Is Beautiful 
Release Date: 2021-04-30 
Track List:
01 Licentia
02 Sophistry (feat. Datin)
03 Spazz (feat. Monster Tarver, Swaizy, Jonathan Baker & Drulegendary)
04 Dei Gratia
05 The Diner (Prelude)
06 Change (feat. Evan Ford)
07 Pressure
08 Words to Remember (feat. Evan Ford)
09 The Waitress (Interlude)
10 God Tho (feat. Jered Sanders)
11 Trauma (feat. Fern)
12 Hate to Love You (feat. Evan Ford)
13 If Things Were Different








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