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If You Have Not Heard This EP, You Are Sleeping!  Rel McCoy & Peace 586 - No More Soda

Artist: Rel McCoy & Peace 586
Album: No More Soda
Release Date: 2020-12-04 
Track List:
01 No More Soda (feat. DJ Kair One)
02 Move the Decimal
03 Toys
04 Love Jones
05 Smoke & Mirrors
06 1180 (feat. DJ Kair One)
07 The Sliver
Andy Mineo Drops A New EP Called

Andy Mineo dropped a new EP. Peep it out and let me know what you think


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"When Peace 586 hit me up and asked me to throw some bars on a beat of his back in 2019 I was amped! I have been a fan of his since I first heard him in the group Freedom Of Soul. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to work together. His response to the song I sent him back was a screen full of fire emojis! ha! We got on the phone, chopped it up and came up with a plan to work on some more songs... which is how No More Soda came to be. The idea

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Artist: Nerva
Album: Kill Nerva, Pt. 3 (Deluxe)
Release Date:2020-11-27
Track List:
01 Chief Of All Sinners
02 Full Armor
03 Rewind (feat. Tone Spain)
04 Born Again
05 Fired Up
06 All I Need Is Jesus (feat. Richelle Alexis Charles)
07 Favor
08 Won't Break Me
09 Snakes
10 OTW
11 Elevate (feat. Xay Hill)
12 Glow
13 Free Indeed
14 Workin' On Me
15 All These Blessings
16 Goin' Up
17 Peculiar
18 Chains Off
19 Turn It All Around
20 Stronger
21 Living Water
22 Apology
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SlickNomRio takes the futuristic and cosmic sound bed of the HipHop classic, "Deltron3030" and warps it to function as a foundation for the intergalactic wordplay of Nomis', "Searching for Alpha Trion". The result is a curation of truly cosmic proportions that transcends both time & space.

De-Classified: This project was created in 2013 and was intended to be released in the year 2020 since its inception.


released November 20, 2020

Beats: Dan the Automator
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Fort Lauderdale, FL - 2020 has been quite a year for TC, regardless of what has happened in the world around him. The Florida emcee released his sophomore album ‘Promise Land’ which included the successful single “Dusty Bible” along with the follow-up “All God”. As the year draws to a close, TC is making sure he goes out on a high note.


On November 20, 2020, TC presents his new seven-track EP, ‘Manna’. 



Releasing in collaboration with FiveTwenty Collective brand “FiveTwenty Presents”,

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Artist: Terence Penny
Album: TP the EP Deluxe
Release Date: 2020-11-13 
Track List:
01 Worthwhile (feat. Joey Vantes)
02 Norf
03 Freedom
04 Graduation (feat. Temi)
05 Control (feat. Kibra)
06 Twenty Twenty
07 P's
08 Elevate (feat. Parris Chariz)
09 Tp the Rebel
10 Rebel Dos
11 Never Stop Me
12 Agyu (feat. Terence Penny, NamedTobias., Zakisha Brown, Tracey Kayy & Nasim Asgari)
13 If You Really Knew (feat. Rodney & Veshone)
14 Toast (feat. NamedTobias., N
Read more…'s  Ladies Of Christian Hip Hop  Playlist. Created By Prince Malachi. Featuring Jackie Hill Perry, Wande, Heesun Lee And More! [Updated]


The Ladies don't get enough love in Christian hip hop. And there are a lot of dope artists! This Playlist features some of the illest female emcees in the game. It will be updated every week. Let me know what you think at



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1. 0:14 Bizzle - B.M.F. Remix ft. Lavoisier & Sevin
2. 2:07 Bizzle - Truth Music
3. 8:33 Bizzle - Devil’s Work (Response To Joyner Lucas)
4. 11:55 Bizzle - Plead With You (Letter To Nicki)
5. 13:49 Bizzle Responds To Macklemore's “Same Love”
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Artist: King Sap
Album: Pain Into Passion
Release Date:2020-10-22 
Track List:
01 My Rise Intro
02 Pain Into Passion
03 No Leash
04 Relentless
05 How Many Times
06 Grace
07 Karma
08 Teach Me
09 I Admit
10 Forgive Me
11 Bad Energy
12 Count on Me
13 We Live It Up
14 Safe
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Descendantz is back with “Little Kingdoms,” a 90’s hip-hop inspired project with a 2020 vibe. The album features artists: Joshua Penn, Exilian, Fern, Erick Dayz, Selah The CornerDatin, Christian Joshua & Avenue.

Little Kingdoms album is available now on all streaming outlets.


Descendantz – Little Kingdoms Track listing

  1. Rome (Intro)
  2. 1Million
  3. Point Of It All (feat. Joshua Penn & Exilian)
  4. Clockwork Universe
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