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I’m going to be 100 percent real with you. This album is not for every Christian. This is next level Hip Hop that will challenge your mind. It’s like reading a book. If you like swagged out trap music you will be disappointed. I’m just being honest. Talented 10th is Sho Baraka’s first full album since he left Reach Records and became an independent artist and I really feel it’s his best work yet!


Let me give you some background. The phrase "talented tenth" was first used in 1896 by Nort

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Flame is a triple OG in the christian hip hop game. And he is a branch off the old Cross Movement tree. That means he’s been putting out dope hip hop for years, and it has been doctrine heavy. But Flame was a Calvinist. Well he went to Concordia Seminary in St. Lois. Got A Masters with a Major in systematic Theology and two minors in church history and counseling. And then he converted to Lutheran ideology.

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In a Twitter post about his 10th project, Extra Nos, he tweeted

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Eugene Cho wants Christians to stop being jerks, especially in today’s increasingly contentious political climate. 

In his new book, Thou Shall Not Be a Jerk: A Christian’s Guide to Engaging Politics, Cho urges readers to stop demonizing those they disagree with and instead follow Jesus and reflect His teachings.

Cho draws on personal stories, pastoral experience, and biblical examples to encourage Christians to vote their convictions while remembering that hope already arrived in the person o

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A Theory of Everything (That Matters)

Review by Greg Cootsona. Cootsona is a lecturer in comparative religion and humanities at Chico State University, a co-director of the Science for the Church ministry, and the author of Negotiating Science and Religion in America: Past, Present, and Future (Routledge). The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

When I was a grad student in Germany, I remember visiting the city of Ulm. Two particular, commingled sights come

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Mahogany Jones - Sugar Water


Mahogany Jones is an activist, an educator, and an artist. A former four-time 106 & Park Freestyle Fridays champion Mahogany Jones puts lyrics first, A Detroit resident, Jones’ music is consistent with the Motor City sound – soulful, thought-provoking, and unapologetic.

in the summer of 2018 she released her critically acclaimed album, Sugar Water. The 13-track album displays Mahogany Jones’ versatility and growth as an artist and a lyricist. Sugar Water was produ

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This is the follow up to New Breed`s first album 'Stop The Music' and this duo has a good pedigree being involved in the collective known as the Tunnel Rats. This is a concept album exploring the nine fruits of the Spirit. The beats are fresh and the rapping is tight. What I like about it is that their lyrics come off nice, clear and understandable which is not always the case. The lyrics are printed on the cover as well if you miss anything. Macho and Elsie who make up New Breed explore a var

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51XBUV8cHZL.jpgWhen I wrote the review for Andy Mineo's "Heroes for Sale", I said the album was very open and personal. K-Drama's 7th studio project, "Winds & .Waves" is also very personal. K Drama gives you a look at trials and tribulations as a Christian emcee. A lot Christian artist like to put on a front like they have everything perfect in their life. Most do it because they feel they have too. I hate cliches but this album keeps it 100%. Drama is telling you, "This is what I go though; this is what I bee
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The iPhone 4S remains probably the most popular of mobile phones, but it is confronting growing competition from a number of competing manufacturers, particularly those which use the Android software, HTC as an example. In this article I am going to review a few main features of the Apple iPhone 4S with those of the brand new HTC One X, the manufacturer’s newest flagship smartphone.


One of the most noticeable differences between the Apple iPhone 4S and the HTC One X is the measurements

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Album: Struggles & Victory Deluxe Edition

Record Label: RokNice Records

Release Date4-26-11

Production:  Zone Beats, Eyesee Media, WHP, Vybe Beats, Scarecrow Beats, MISTER K.A., Zone Beats, Trak Exekutives, KUSH

I have a confession to make. A couple of weeks ago I was told about a dude named Rok who had some music he wanted me to feature on The Oracle. I asked Rok to email me what he had  and told him I’d check it out, but I wasn't to excited. To be honest, I get
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