The Behavior of Women


Titus 2:3-5 teaches us how women, both younger and older, should act. And to be honest it is in direct contrast of we see in the home, workplace, classroom and community today. First lets discuss our older women. Older women are to be reverent and pure. They are to be set apart for the world in thought and behavior. They should only move and speak in the spirit of holiness and be focuses on sacred things. Older women should be pious in their speech and appearance. Older women are not to be gossipers. Another word for that is slanderer. A person that goes around talking about others and stirring up mischief. This is so sinful that Satan himself is called a “slanderer”. An older woman should not be addicted to alcohol.Overindulgence in alcohol will cause you not to have a clear and focused mind. Older women are to teach and mentor younger women in part by living a Godly life and setting a Godly example. As far as younger women are concerned they are to love their husbands unselfishly, sacrificially and peaceably. Younger women are to love their children. This command addresses the issues of child abuse and child neglect. Many times child neglect is the result of one putting her profession before her children. This capitalist country, and Christianity for that matter, teaches us that the more you have in the form of material things, the more blessed you are. It is in no way healthy to work so much that you can’t give your children the attention they deserve, seek and need. There is no way you can over emphasize the importance of a mother’s relationship to her child. The mother is the first and most influential teacher the child will ever have. Child cannot raise any higher than the maturity and morality thought to it by its mother. Younger women should be self-controlled. This means you should be in full control of your desires, thoughts and emotions. There should be no over indulging in partying, drinking and eating. You must also be in full control of your speech. Younger woman are to be pure in their thoughts and actions. Younger woman are to be busy in the home(homemakers). This is not to say that a woman cannot go outside the home. She should not be better known outside the home by the world than inside the home by her family. Younger women are to be kind and caring. She should treat all people with the same respect she feels she deserves. Many of us today are selfish and only treat people as they treat us. It is the duty of all women to look out for their brothers and sisters. God demands it!


Younger women are to be subject to their husbands. God's plan is that there be a partnership between man and woman. They are to be completely dependent on one another. It must be understood that, contrary to current feminist movement efforts, God's word is the same yesterday, today and forever. Man was, still is and always will be the head. However this has nothing to do with worth or value. The Bible teaches that a powerful woman is priceless. We are talking about order. In every organization there must be order; there must be a leader to be efficient. God has ordained man for this role.


Why must women live as God says? So God's Word does not get dishonored or slandered. The woman who claims to follow Christ yet does not show it takes power away from his word. It causes people to think “ All Christians are hypocrites. God's word has no real power. This woman does not take his word seriously why should I.” But God's word is alive and powerful. The problem is men and women don’t…


spend enough time studying God's Word, learning how they are to carry themselves.


spend enough time in prayer asking God for guidance and strength to live in victory over the trials of the world.


don’t discipline their lives and their tongues.


Submit To One’s Own Husband (1 Peter 3:1-6)


Thanks in part to today’s feminist movement, submitting to your husband is said to be wrong. This Biblical teaching is thought to be old-fashioned and outdated. Really the problem is not in what God says but rather in our understanding of what God says. Any woman that rejects the Word of God, does so either because she does not fully understand the Word or is not willing to follow it. In no way is God giving man license to act as a Tyrant or dictator who treats woman like she is inferior. Submission is about order, cooperation, relationship and partnership. Though the husband is the leader, husband and wife are to walk hand and hand throughout life as equal partners. As I stated before every body or organization must have a leader. In the home, that leader is man, with woman in her submission to God's will submitting to her husband's leadership, authority and control. On the football field the team is one unit, but there is a leader, the quarterback. Those who respect their coach must submit to the leadership of the quarterback.


A wife should submit herself to her husband by living a pure life. Pure meaning without defilement. When a woman marries a man she sets herself aside for that man only. She does not give herself any other man in act or thought. That’s right sexual thoughts of other men, including actors and singers, still causes you to be impure (Mat. 5:8, Mat 5:28; 1Th 4:3, Titus 2:4-5).


A woman should never dress to attract attention. The word adornment means that in public she carries herself in a manner that does not attract attention. Indeed as a “woman of virtue” your goal is to dress moderately. You want to help people, not seduce them; serve people, not destroy them; and attract people to Yashua, you point them to yourself. People cannot see Elihim in you if all their attention is on your outward physical appearance. Further more you never want to cause man to stumble. (Rom. 6:13; 1 Peter 3:3-5) When a woman is in Christ, she is a new being. Her old self is now dead. This means she does not focus on perishable things and trends like fashion and hairstyles. Her focus is now on building and feeding her spirit. When a woman tries so hard to dress up her physical body it can be a sign that she is trying to hide an ugly spirit. It is in GOD's plan for woman to be the first teacher of the child. Since she is the first teacher, she is the teacher that leaves the greatest impression. But before you can pass knowledge to your offspring you must first educate yourself. You must gain “knowledge of self” and you must walk with GOD and study his word. It takes a GODly woman to raise a GODly child. It takes a woman who knows the ways of the Lord to instruct her child in the ways of the Lord. When you walk with GOD and study his ways then you will naturally understand how to speak, teach and minister to others. Like any of GOD's ambassadors, the Christian woman is automatically commissioned to be a messenger and teacher to the people. It is not an option. It is your duty.


The time has come for us, both men and women, to stop falling for Satan’s lie of what a woman is supposed to look and act like. We are told that the negative images and stereotypes are what we should be living. Anything outside of that is not “keeping it real”. Satan’s goal is to keep you distracted,to keep your mind off of GOD's promises and commandments. He does just that by keeping you amused and entertained. Using this method he keeps you in ignorance and in bondage.


The African American family cannot rise until the mother rises. The African American community shall not overcome until the woman overcomes.


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