Make Your Own Organic Lemonade

Make Your Own Organic Lemonade

by Tonja Taylor  



Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!--Psalm 34:8, ESV

I really like lemonade, but I avoid what I call "secular sugar," which is the white table sugar that tastes really good, but can have very negative effects on the body, for reasons I will not go into here.

Even before I started training to become a certified healthy coach, the LORD taught me to use organic sugar if I was going to use anything. 

He also introduced me to organic stevia, which is a very good option and tastes very close to sugar. It works really well in lemonade!

To make healthy, organic lemonade--and avoid all that white processed sugar, and the preservatives in bottled lemon juice that is not organic, just do this:

Purchase packets of dried lemon juice, preferably organic and NON-gmo. These are very concentrated  Use 4-8 packets per 32 oz. of cold water, and mix them in.

Then mix in (preferably organic, NON-gmo stevia powder or liquid to taste. (If you use cold water to mix it, you'll get a much closer idea to how it will taste chilled, which is the way you most likely will drink it.).

If you run out of dried lemon juice packets, you can add the juice of real (preferably organic) lemons to taste. Or, use real lemons to start with. Cut them in pieces for easier, more thorough sqeezing, or use a press or juicer. They will be quite a bit more expensive than the packets, especially for organic lemons, but you're worth it!

You most likely won't notice a difference in the taste of lemonade made with stevia and powdered lemons than that with white sugar, and it will be healthier. 

If you'll start your kids now on eating and drinking organic and NON-gmo drinks and foods, they will feel better, and have more respect for eatingt well. You'll be a better steward of your body, and theirs, and they will most likely carry on the "tradition" you started!

Enjoy your lemonade "happy hour"! Taste and see that what the LORD gives (organic, NON-gmo foods; the way HE created them and meant for us to eat!) is good! 


Tonja K. Taylor lives to exalt God, and is a licensed minister with Harvest Int'l. Ministries. She has books on Amazon; her You Tube channel "River Rain Creative" has over 300 videos on faith; worship; health; writing; ESL; more--and books III & IV of the P.O.W.E.R.* GIRL series are almost done!


Let God use it to refine you and prepare you for the future. May God strengthen you.

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