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Psalm 27:14- Wait in the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

The topic of today, “Why is God asking me to wait?” Waiting is actually one of the things people struggle with the most. Keeping a person waiting usually ends up in making the person annoyed, so when we realize God is telling us to wait, a lot of questions go through our through our hearts and one foremost question, “Why should I wait?”
Sometimes these questions drive us away from God because we assume it is unfair to have to wait for whatever we are asking for. Many times the issue is that we only hear God asking us to wait we do not think to know why. In the book of Jeremiah 29:11 we see that the thoughts of God towards us are of good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end. This means his reason for asking us to wait can not be evil but must be a part of his good plan for our lives. Therefore, the first thing to realize in your waiting season is that waiting is to bring you to a good end.

I believe that many times our issues with God comes from the fact that we find it difficult to trust him and realize that he is a good father who has our best interest at heart. If we have the revelation of this and we remember this, many of our fears, worries and troubles would reduce. I assume that some of us watching this video are parents and some are planning to be. If your child, who is 10 years old Harley Motorcycle and he has no idea how to drive it but keeps begging you with tears to get it for him as a birthday gift, even though you could afford it, would you as a responsible parent buy it for him? Of course not! He could possibly be involved in accident with the bike if you get it for him at that stage of life. If you want to encourage him, you can decide to tell him that on his 16th birthday he would receive it as a gift, all he had to do is wait. No matter how much he pouts, cries, try to make you feel bad, I am certain you will not give in, Why? This is simply because you know what is best for him at that time.
Why God may be asking you to wait?

• You are not ready for it yet: God will not give you what you are not ready for. There is no waste permitted in the Kingdom of God, so if you are ready for whatever you are asking for yet, God may ask you to wait. For this type of waiting, it is not time for you to be idle, rather it is important you enlarge your capacity and prepare so that you may be equipped to receive it. This reminds of the story of Elisha and the widow in 2 Kings 4:3, where he told her to borrow vessel and pour out the jar of oil she had into it and a miracle happened, the small jar of oil filled vessels much more than it but the striking thing is that when the last vessel was filled, the oil stopped flowing. One thing I want to point out from this is that it was the vessels that determined the measure of oil that could be poured into it. If you are asked to wait, it may be that your vessel needs to be expanded to receive, so rather than being angry or sitting idly, enlarge your vessel and the oil would multiply.

• To reveal something to you: God may be asking you to wait because he wants to reveal something to you. One quality of time is that it reveals the truth. Many things or people around you may just need time to show you the truth about them. An example is this, God may be asking you to not enter a relationship yet with your friend that has been asking you out or that you have feelings for and you may be wondering why, it may be because he wants to reveal something top you about that person. This may happen simply because your heart is set on entering a relationship with that person and God knows you would not listen to a no, so he just asks you to wait so you can realize the truth yourself. It may not be about a relationship; it may be about a job or career path. God uses the period of waiting to reveal things to you.

• To train you: Your waiting period may be your training period. God may intentionally ask you to wait so you may be trained and equipped for your future. The greatest disaster is sending a soldier to the battle front, failure on his part is almost certain. This is why God may intentionally ask that you wait so you may be trained. Joseph was 17 when he had the dream showing he would be a ruler but he did not become the prime minister of Egypt until he was 30-year-old.

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