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How many days go by in any given week that you don't open the world of God Days, go by You're busy, Listen to what he says. This book of the law, which would be the Bible to us, shall not depart from your mouth. But you shall meditate on it day and night,  so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. If you'll do that, He says and you'll have success. Somebody says well now: what's this meditation business, Let me just say this to you: It is the simple key to accomplishing anything and everything. God sets before you Find half an hour Every day, just 30 minutes every day for yourself, where you can be alone, with the Spirit of God and meditate. This is going to transform your life in an extraordinary way. You meditate, I'll share with you Scripture The book of Joshua chapter 1. This book of the law Shall not depart out of thy mouth, But thou shalt meditate therein day and night For thou may observe to do according to all that is written therein. For then, Thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then Thou shalt have good success. Now, that's the first time in the Old English versions that the word success appears in the Bible Then, which makes it so important. You want to be successful in your life. You want a deal wisely in the affairs of life. You want to be prosperous. These are all sayings that somehow or another Every one of us yearns for want to be successful. For God, we want to achieve the goals that God's given to us. We want to help other people become successful, Want to help other people become prosperous. God shows us how his word is so clear on this Meditate therein, day and night, That thou may observe to do, Which means, if you meditate on the Word of God, hell, give you an understanding. He'll give you motivation.


He'll, give you an inspiration and propel you to do so. It is so important to observe to do. He says the Word of God will cause you to if you meditate, the word will bring to you a propelling force, see he would give you an understanding and motivation and inspiration To do what God wants you to do Now. Don't forget 30 minutes a day. It's not too much 30 minutes of being quiet before the Lord and Just to meditate.


Oh, I can tell you what this would do for you. I know what it did for me See and I can imagine what's going to happen in your life, I mean you spend hours with different people and with different things. So half an hour , 30 minutes is not too much for you privately to meditate on the Word, in your room Or in the privacy of your heart, wherever that might be whether it's under a tree or somewhere in your car, Whatever it is now, you can actually Get half an hour for yourself Start thinking now, where you're going to get half an hour every day It doesn't have to be the same place, But make sure you do it. Have your writing material close by because God's going to talk to you see the Holy Spirit's going to talk to you, He's going to bring you ideas and he'll bring you visions. You know, explain something to you.


He's going to teach you to unveil the future to you. Just get ready Meditation times are times where the Spirit of God can really get down to business, with you as an individual and minister to in a special way and help you chart your course For the future that is planned for you, people who don't meditate, who Don't spend time to meditate lose so much, They have a confused life. They never go in a straight course that this way today and that's what tomorrow, they're always inconsistent Meditation helps to get your spirit seasoned in the world. You can control your meditation through the word and the spirit Through the word now. You know You can be alone and all you're thinking about is all junk. You can think of all the wrong stuff while you're alone.


So when I talk about meditation here, Its well-directed meditation, Remember when God spoke to Joshua, He didn't say, and thou shalt meditate day and night. He said meditate there, and he was talking about the Word to meditate in the Word of God is to meditate in the word See. So you take some scriptures. The Spirit of God can guide your mind to those scriptures. You can write out something or if you pray and that's why I said, control your meditation through the word and the spirit When you pray another Pray in the Holy Ghost He'll. Well up some thoughts in your spirits, He'll wear up something in your mind And when he does that you have an inspiration to meditate in the direction that God's bringing to you. You know there are a number of words for meditation, but the most often use and the ones used in Psalms, 1 And also Joshua 1:8 is the word. Hagia is the most frequently used Haga all right, Hagia or mutter speak under your breath. Amen, to speaks God's Word under your breath, meditating as easy as worrying. If you can worry, you can meditate, Alright, just replace it with God's thoughts shall supply, not maybe not hope so shall Nothing can be more definite in the English vernacular.


Shall God speaks to you when you're reading the word and God says whatever good you find out of it? Take that verse and meditate sometimes just one word: Not the whole sentence will bring revival Like shall or you are sick and you memorize this verse Matthew. 8:17 himself Took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses Himself. Now sudden his value starts growing. In your mind, his worth starts to increase and all of a sudden faith rises in your heart. That'S the process of meditation. You read God's Word, you memorize God's. The part that speak to you and then all day, long, All right when you close the Bible all day long, you you, you you, the verse, you memorize you chew on it All right. You can do your work and all that, but intervals here and there you start to bring it up again. Let's say: you're a fearful person All right, very fearful. Okay, no one knows your fear, fear of disease or the future fear of losing this losing that whatever it is, Take the verse, for God, has not given us a spirit of fear But of power and of love and of a sound mind. You believe, in God, for a baby


He maketh the barren woman Psalms 11:3. He maketh the barren woman to keep house meditate on it. Meditate and the power of God's Word is such there is like see. Jesus called God's Word seed and seed germinate So what you're doing is causing the seed or whatever you are reading that seed will germinate into a harvest in your life.


If you know how to worry, Then you know how to meditate worry is a negative form of meditation. Now. What is what does it mean to meditate? What does that word mean Literally, the word meditate means to mutter. It means speaking out loud. It means rolling over in your thinking over and over and over again, It's just like that cow, that's grazing in a Pasture eating grass and he's chewing that grass and he deposited in that false stomach brings it back up again.


Chews it again Deposit it brings it up Chews it again. What is he doing? He'S just he's meditating in that grass He's he's muttering over He's, I mean he is squeezing the juice out of that thing. You know And that's what it means to meditate. It means to to mutter It means rolling over in your thinking, either by saying it out loud or under your breath, it is to roll it over and over and over and it and concentrate in it. My God Shall supply all of my needs or demands. According to his riches in glory, you begin to go through every word. You go through every phrase you begin to just make this is this is not just Like reading a whole chapter, It's like taking just just a piece of it and taking that scripture just chewing on it and chewing on it. I call It in in Bible School milking the scripture and it won't. You won't get the milk out of it And, unless you're willing to chew on it long enough, Chew it and chew it and chew it and chew it and chew it And the people that will chew the word And meditate on the word are those who are Going to get the results of what it says when you do that.

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