Daily Devotional: God is Faithful To Do All He Promises

by Lorraine Taylor  



"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

 The words 'be still' were written in the context of a time of war; therefore, we should consider the verse with that context in mind. The English interpretation of to 'be still' is to "cease striving, or stop struggling."

To stop struggling is to learn to let go of that which we as a human cannot ‘fix’, resolve or remedy; confessing our helplessness. We then place our belief in God, who is faithful to fulfill all his promises to you, me, and us as the beloved.

We can apply mechanical action in processing emotions by acknowledging, accepting, and allowing them to be what they are, expressions of humanity. Admit the truth of the situation and believe God will work all things out according to his goodness, even if you don’t ‘see’ the good now (Rom. 8:28).

Our need is to call upon God as our primary agent of help, trusting his grace is sufficient (2 Cor. 12:9in all situations, in all issues, and all conflicts!

In uncertain times, we need to remind ourselves that God is always our source of plenty and to be secured in the truth he has adequately provided all we need to endure any difficulty, any trial, or any unexpected event (2 Pet. 1:3). 

When trouble comes to our doorstep, we can make known our inability, willingly receive from God his ample supply, live from his infinite life and what is humanely impossible, is made possible in his abounding, no-lack, galvanize Grace!


Prayer: Lord help me to surrender that 'thing' and to receive the provision of your promised Grace. 


Lorraine Taylor lives in Upstate NY with her husband. Her first book: Hope Rises from a Shattered Innocence is soon to be listed on Amazon and other forums in October 2021.







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