Daily Devotional For Motivation: It’s Painful Because God Is Preparing You For Something

It is difficult to understand that pain has a purpose when you are the one suffering it. It is very easy to say it to someone else, but admitting it to yourself might be quite challenging. Despite this, the truth is that your pain has a purpose. The truth is, God is aware of the pain you are passing through. He is aware of the difficulties you are faced with and while he does not enjoy seeing you in pain, he is working out. Even the pain for your good, in fact, some of those circumstances only occur because God is trying to work on you, while others are not God's will, but he still uses them to work on you. The proof of this is that the Bible says that all things work out for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Therefore, there is a purpose in that pain and no matter how pointless you feel there is something you can learn from it. There is an understanding you can gain from the pain you are facing and there is a way pain causes you to grow.


How can pain cause you to grow? Romans 5:3, says

And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulationsknowing that tribulation brings about perseverance

 Even your pain is used to build character and strength in you. Many call this the Refiner's Fire, where the pain is used to refine you and make you a better version of yourself.


Sometimes the storm you're passing through is not orchestrated by the devil, but is there to cause you to grow? The devil may be rejoicing at what you are passing through, but he does not know that what you are passing through will only make you stronger when the devil orchestrated the death of Jesus. He did not know that he was playing to God's will. If he had known, he would have stopped the death of Jesus at all costs, because his death led to the availability of salvation for all men and because his death was not the end. The Bible records that he spoiled principalities and powers and made an open show of them, even if the devil is the one who started the difficult time you are passing through, God will use it to build so that the devil will regret that he made you suffer Or experience pain instead of wallowing in pain or getting angry?


Why not change your perspective? If you cannot change your situation, you can change your perspective. Why not start looking at what you can learn and how you can grow even amid the pain you are feeling only when you can do this, you realize the purpose of your pain. You will not be able to see purpose in your pain if you only focus on your pain, because, whatever you focus on will magnify to see purpose in your pain, you must learn to look Beyond it. The truth is that the situation will not last forever, but the lessons you learn from it will you can maximize even your painful circumstances and grow from them?


Do you know there may be a reason why you had to pass through what you are going through now? It may be God's way of preparing you for the future. You will fail in the future. You are not prepared for what, if, God is using your pain to prepare you for a beautiful future. God uses the most unlikely things and situations to prepare us for the future he has for us. He knows our future, so he strategizes in such a way that everything we encounter has a way of preparing us for the future. If we would yield to the process, I know that it might not make sense now. You may not see the reason for what you are passing through now, but if you look back at that time in the future, you will be able to see the lessons in the pain. God's ways may not make sense to us.


You may be questioning why God is allowing you to pass through what you are going through at this time, but the truth is that if God allows you to pass through it, then he has a purpose for you. God is preparing you for purpose through the pain you are passing through. Joseph must have faced the same question. Why did God make me pass through all that pain?



You may be in prison for now, but God is taking you to your Palace. Soon it is God that will lift your head. He is the one that will bring you out of pain and give you songs of joy. Ruth had gotten married to a Hebrew man, while in her land she had to learn about her husband's culture and probably learned about his God. Despite these difficulties, she faced even more because her husband died and all the men in the family died.


Nobody could provide for her and then her mother-in-law said she would return to her land. All these events must have turned her world upside down. Yet she made the strange decision to follow her mother-in-law to the land. She did not know. She left her people and traveled to Israel, even though she did not know what awaited her.


She started gleaning Fields because she and her mother-in-law had no way to eat. She must have faced so much pain, but out of her pain came purpose. She married Boaz and ultimately, the Lord Jesus Christ came through her line, even though she was not a Jewish woman. Her pain had a purpose, and God used it to prepare her for the future he had planned for her. I do not know what you may be passing through, but I want you to know that your pain has a purpose.


Let God use it to refine you and prepare you for the future. May God strengthen you.

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