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Life is full of the unknown. We cannot know what will happen tomorrow or next week. One of the biggest shockers that most people got in this generation is probably the coronavirus and the lockdown that had to happen. No one saw it coming. This is how unpredictable life can be. Only God is referred to as the Alpha and the Omega. This means that only he knows what will happen at the beginning and the end life will always be filled with unpredictable events. No one expected the war in Ukraine and Russia to last. This long people didn't expect to be displaced from their homes or to get new jobs. Well, we can plan our lives. The way we desire


We are limited in our knowledge. Some people see life as one big adventure where you discover different things. Some people describe life as a game. All these words and descriptions are given to help give an understanding of the unpredictability of life human beings like to know. One of our most basic needs is security. We need to know that we will be safe and secure. This is why most people want a lot of money and strive to get it. They think that when they have money, a lot of other things they desire will fall into place. They replace everything valuable in their life because of the pursuit of money when they finally get it. They realize like Solomon, that, after a while vanity upon vanity all is Vanity for others.


They see love, they find their security in relationships, but unfortunately nobody can love you the way. God loves you, and only this love of God can fill you up. Many people do a lot of things to get this peace they so desire, But true peace comes from God. Most of us do things out of fear and not out of faith. We try to acquire things not because God told us to, but because of the fear of the unknown, it is good to plan. But you don't plan because of fear. You plan, because you are a responsible citizen of the kingdom of heaven, and God has commanded you to live wisely. Nothing good comes from fear. Fear pushes you to make the wrong decisions.

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