Daily Devotional For Motivation: 7 Reasons To Trust God (POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL )

Trust is a necessity in both human and spiritual relationships. We lean towards people who have our best interests at heart. Trust is simply the ability to rely on something or someone. God is our maker and our heavenly father in the same way that a child would put all their trust in their parents to guide them. That's why we, as Christians, should put our trust in God to guide us. There can be no relationship without trust. Trust Works hand and hand with faith, because we can't have faith in something or someone that we can't trust. God knows the plan he has for us and that's why we need to put all of our trust in him. Only by trusting him can we follow his path and fulfill our purpose in Isaiah, 55, 8-9. The Bible says,

for my thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are your ways my ways saith, the Lord, for, as the heavens, are higher than the earth. So are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Trusting God in difficult times can allow us to find peace in God's presence. Here's why you can trust God. God doesn't lie. In the Book of Numbers, the Bible says:

God is not a man that he should lie. Neither is he, the son of man that he should repent.

See, God is not a man which means, God cannot lie. The desire to lie comes from our sin nature, that we received after the fall. God doesn't have a sin nature, so he can't lie. This is good news for us because anything God says he will do, he will. God will fulfill all of the promises that he made to us.


We shouldn't look at our circumstances, because God saw our circumstances before he promised to do what he said he would. God told Abraham and Sarah that they would have a child and they didn't believe him because they felt they were too old, but God still made that promise come to pass through the scriptures. We see God saying so many things and we also see him performing them. The inability of God to lie is a huge reason to trust God. God doesn't change the mind of God cannot change.


His will is consistent and absolute. Through our prayers God's will is made manifest. Sometimes we pray for God to grant us specific requests, but, despite all our prayers, he alone decides what's best for us, we may pray endlessly, but God's will for us is supreme. Therefore, sometimes he doesn't answer us, because our request is not in line with his plan for us now, if the mind of God cannot change, how do we get our prayers answered? People often ask these questions.


If our God is unchangeable, we as his children should change. We should change our prayers, lifestyle and attitude towards him and the people around us. Only then can we see God's plan for us come to pass, rather than continuing to dwell too long on the opposite of what he desires for us. God knows what he's doing. God has the blueprint for our lives and knows our purpose.


Without God's guidance and direction will roam through the Earth doing things that won't make us feel fulfilled. We should learn to trust and commit ourselves solely to the plan that God has for our life. God only reveals his plan to those who love him, and only when we love him can we enjoy his promises for us, which are of good and not evil. To give us an expected end, we often face challenges as humans and because of this, some people tend to waver and doubt that God has their best interest at heart. We should do the things that build our faith when times are challenging, rather than complaining and blaming God for our misfortunes.


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