Why compare yourself to others?

It is a normal human behavior to compare ourselves to other people, but doing it in a negative way is something we all should be avoiding. Comparing yourself with someone else that is working in the same field of work to improve is one thing, but it is really a bad idea if it makes you doubt yourself and gives you a negative mindset. Let us say that you are a online marketer and you are comparing yourself with a very successful marketer. It will not make you any more successful comparing yourself with that person, because you need to focus on your success on not theirs. If you just focus on other peoples success, then your own development and success will be so to say put on hold. Besides that fact, the online marketers who you are comparing yourself with have more experience regarding marketing then you and therefor they are able to have a higher level of success then you as well.

Self development.

If you are having low confidence and are having negative thoughts about yourself then you must maintain your mindset more than you do. To keep negative thoughts away you need to maintain a positive mindset through reading books and listen to audio recordings daily. Every marketer no matter of what kind of level of success they have achieved must maintain their mindset in this fashion. Allow yourself to set bigger goals, not to big of a goal but a goal that makes you more dedicated and focused. Then really take action on reaching that goal with all your focus and energy. Do not just set a goal because you think you have to. Set a goal and go all in towards that goal.

Get in touch with them

If you see a person within your niche that has achieved great results, well then connect with them. They may be willing to show you what strategies they have used to become successful. Because an important key to success is that you need to surround yourself with already successful marketers that are having the results that you personally want to have as well. But never compare yourself with those successful online marketers, so that you end up in a negative state of mind. There will always be someone who knows more than you about various things in life, so the key for you to have your breakthrough is to surround yourself with successful people who knows what works and what does not work within marketing. You will never reach the level of success that those people you are comparing yourself with are enjoying, if you do not take action and work on your mindset.

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