The vast history of braids can be traced back to B.C. times, and are still an important aspect of black culture anywhere around the world. Lately, we have been seeing a proliferation of non-black individuals who don this style, which has caused a spark on the cultural appropriation conversation. The style and accessories of braids have been used as a form of communication all throughout the African diaspora, which is a point that is important to make when having complex conversations about culture.

We have gathered several photos that show the uniqueness of the way people accessorize their braids to communicate their own style, while simultaneously representing an aspect of their identity.

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Adding gold coils and rings to your braids can make your braids stand out by giving them that final goddess touch. Not to mention, the rings make it even more distinct.


We are all unicorns in our own way, so why not show your uniqueness by adding unicorn colors to your braids and live the most colorful life.


There is so much beauty in simplicity. If you want to add a few simple touches to your braids, this is great way to spice up your style. Grab a few beads, gold coil and cuffs.


Short hair don’t care! Leaving your braids in a bob will give them that “modern woman” look, while still keeping them distinctive by making them pop with bright colors, plus colorful rubberbands.


You can never go wrong with a flower crown to give it that flower-child boho touch. Plus, it's quick and can easily be interchangeable depending on your style.


This style is giving us Game of Thrones vibes; adding rings throughout the strand of your braids is another way to give it that final goddess touch.


What about being a queen and a goddess at the same? This royal look is absolutely stunning and love how they incorporated the beads with the braids and natural hair.


Lastly, keeping it minimal speaks volumes. Fulani braids with beads, shells and rings to set off this simple style.

Have you used any unique accessories with your braids? Let us see!