We Encourage Women Wednesday: Modesty

We Encourage Women Wednesday: Modesty

Hey Ladies!!!! We are BACK!!!! It is Wednesday so yall already know what that means!!! We are at the forefront of the focus today!! I know we are some busy women and I just want to drop something on you to encourage you real quick

1 Timothy 2:9 (AMP)

Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves modestly and appropriately and discreetly in proper clothing, not with elaborately braided hair and gold or pearls or expensive clothes.

So I love the way that the amplified bible breaks down what this scripture is saying. It is pretty cut and dry but in the same sense, it is hard not to fall into the trap of having the trappings of this world and what it has created for women. Even in church/ ministry, it’s more about the appearance than actually ministering. We, as human beings, have placed so much emphasis on having the look of a minister rather than doing the heart work of actually being one. I am so guilty. And yall know what “the look” of a woman minister is: fancy robes, heels, shiny trinkets, nice glasses (why we need the glasses anyway I am not even sure), the accessories, and a big ol purse. We have to have the newest Apple device and the husband to put it all together, yet when asked, we can’t form our mouths to correctly exegete a text. I know women that have used their ministerial platform as a formal means of income. I don’t think Abbafather takes too kindly to that level of exploitation. 

If we dive into the description of the expectations of God here as women, as life-givers, we are to walk in humility and our outer beings should reflect the humility we should carry in our spirits. How we treat others, how we treat ourselves, will ultimately define how we view God’s word in our lives and if we take his request for modesty seriously enough to reject the world’s standard to honor him in our womanhood. In all honesty, I took a Nazarite vow 4 years ago to loc and never comb my hair. I also will never cut it, I took a vow of celibacy then as well, I also went on a no-makeup stint. I failed the celibacy and the no-makeup part. Let’s be clear, I miserably failed. I was also unapologetic. I heard God tell me no and as soon as I heard the enemy tell me yes I went with it. Years ago, I felt the Holy Ghost pull me into ministry. I felt it and all of this time has passed because I am so afraid to jump in. I just knew that the world would not accept me Natural faced and free.  I just knew I needed to be bound to the world’s standards. I procrastinated. I still ask myself why I allow the world to dictate how much of God’s word I will follow because that is stupid lol.

Ladies, as good as these “women ministers” may look with a worldly eye, God’s eye is not pleased. He doesn’t want us “ugly” because what this perverted world calls ugly is dazzling in his eyes. When he created us, he looked at our stories written for each of us and called it “whole” and “complete” therefore, we are ENOUGH just the way he made us and no amount of contour can outdo the creativity he has already worked on us. There is no need to try and overdo His great work on and in us. We are good. Allow yourself to fall into that scripture. Humble up. Part of our form of warfare is humbling ourselves to be protected….but that is for next week




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Jacqui Hampton is a columnist, poet, and editor. She is a minister of music and psalmist and educator. She is an author of the book The Cultural Christian: Navigating The Culture While Contending For The Faith (2020) She currently devotes her time to songwriting for other artists and planning for her next book as well as educating the masses.

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