The Experiences Of Others Teach Me Wisdom

I know that knowledge comes from experience, and I respect the knowledge gained by those who have past experiences I can learn from. 


I take every chance I get to garner wisdom from those who are already personally familiar with situations similar to mine.


I know that in my job, there is a lot that I can learn to shape me into the professional I want to be. I place a lot of merit on theoretical knowledge, but I also recognize that real-life situations help to mold my professional position.


When it comes to child-rearing, I am humbled by the feedback I receive from my parents or other adults who have been parents and grandparents before me. I want the chance to raise my children in my own way, but I also respect that the experiences of others can help along the way.


If I am in the position where I need to make a tough decision, I seek advice from others who may have some valuable knowledge from similar issues. I listen to their circumstances and the outcome of their situations, and use them as a guide to make my own choices.


Today, I maintain complete respect for wiser, more experienced people. I know that with a combination of their advice and my forthright thinking, I can make positive choices. I also know that learning from their experiences makes me a stronger and wiser person myself.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Do I acknowledge the advice I receive from those wiser than me?
  2. How can I help others to make sound decisions based on what I’ve learned?
  3. When do I reject the advice of others?










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