Daily Devotions for Men - Attitude

Daily Devotions for Men - Attitude

I want to begin with Psalms 32:2


New American Standard Bible

How blessed is a person whose guilt the Lord does not take into account,And in whose spirit there is no deceit!


The word “spirit here is the Hebrew word “ruach”, which means spirit, breath demon, spirit, spirit of God. It also means mental disposition, and in here we can accurately translate an attitude. Mental disposition is attitude. The word attitude is not found in the Bible, but we understand this concept. Let me read it to you that way. Blessed is the man in whose attitude there is no guile. You have to be careful that in your attitude. You don't coast through life thinking you can always get by bragging on yourself. Proverbs says,


 “Let another praise you and not you yourself.”


Sometimes guile falls upon us or comes out of our attitude because we're always trying to promote ourself we're always trying to tell the best part of our stories. Jesus Christ liken it unto to choosing out the chief seats and picking the seats of preeminence. But what you'll find in life is that if you'll always tell the whole truth, even if you'll self deprecating tell the honest weaknesses of your life. But even the parts of the story that don't make you look, the best people will love you more they'll trust you More you will endear them yourself to them and a much greater way than if you always come around as perfect and come off as awesome and flawless. Because everybody knows that's not true. The Bible says you'll be blessed. If there's not found in your attitude, not even the slightest hint of guile or the slightest hit of iniquity, when we tell the truth, we want to make sure we tell the whole truth. We don't just say yeah. I championed this cause. You'll say, and I had 1500 people that were helping me or it was his fault, he pushed me. Well, that's a full story, as you probably pushed them. First, you've got to make sure if you're gon na be blessed of God, that you are a man of truth. They, the Spirit of Truth, operates in you and your lips speak no guile and there's not even an ounce of guile in your attitude. Seek God pray that he begins to and continues to show you every time guile slips out of your mouth and you'll, find yourself on mission to dry up the lies and the half-truths of your life call you blessed, let's be doers of this word in Jesus name. See you next time you 


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