Daily Devotional: Stop Crying Over The People God Removed From Your Life. LET THEM GO!

God, loves and takes care of his children. He always has good plans for us. Jeremiah 29. Verse 11 says...

 For I know the plans that I [a]have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for [b]prosperity and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

God also knows that we live in a world where we can become easily distracted by things and even other people. He created us to be relational beings. This is why we are always around people and can't live purposely in isolation. Because of this, he sends people into our lives to help us stay focused and to help us with our assignments. The devil also knows the great plans that God has for us and sends people to keep us distracted anytime.

God decides to take people from your life. It is usually because they are not beneficial to you. God is omniscient and he knows what is best for us. He also loves us so much so he does what is best for us. God loves us more than we love ourselves.


He loves us more than our parents, friends and family. So when he removes people from your life, it is because they are not good for you. We should learn to trust God's love and plans for our life. We should realize that not everyone should be in our lives. Your love for a certain person or group of people shouldn't be the determining factor in keeping them in your life.


We need to be careful. So we don't end up hurting ourselves, because we want to keep the wrong people in our life when it comes to destiny and destiny related issues. There are three kinds of relationships that we need to take note of general relationships. These kinds of relationships are open to everyone. They can be family, friends or acquaintances.


These people shouldn't have a major impact on your life. The Bible commands us to love everyone, but we are not mandated to permit everyone to be in our lives. When you open up your life to people, you open yourself to their own ideologies and system of living. This is why we are told to be careful with whom we relate. We should know the people that should be put in this category seasonal relationships. These people play an important role in your life, but only for a while.


We must discern who these people are. So we don't miss them knowing when they come and when they are to leave your life is very important. If you allow them to stay longer than necessary, they will begin to harm you. Instead of bringing peace and joy to you as they did before destiny. Covenant relationships: these relationships are meant to last for a lifetime.







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