Daily Devotional: Speechless...

Daily Devotional: Speechless...


   "I'm speechless, in awe—words fail me.
   I should never have opened my mouth!
I've talked too much, way too much.
   I'm ready to shut up and listen."
                                                                              Job 40:3

  In the above passage, prior to Job being rendered speechless...he had approached and questioned God.  When God begins to respond Job snaps back to reality and realizes who he is talking to.  When confronted with God's awe, power and majesty it's typical to be rendered speechless.  We don't have enough words in our language to describe His Power and His Beauty!  Today's challenge:  Learn how to recognize His presence and then like Job be ready to Shut Up and Listen!  Ya Heard!
 Source: Hip Hop Devotions
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