Daily Devotional: Overcoming - Through His Written Words

by Tonja Taylor  



Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.--Matthew 5:8-9, Berean Study Bible

The LORD our God is the living Word (John 1), and all right thoughts and words come from Him.  

Since I was 10 or so, writing stories, and letters and more has come easily to me. It is one of my strongest gifts. However, years ago when I served as a supervisor over several other people, I  found one letter very hard to write. 

At that time, writing letters and memos comprised a large parts of my communication with the 10-or-more drivers I supervised, as a manager for a major distribution company.  When time permitted, I used handwritten notes because it was more personal.  The drivers knew I am a Christian, and my relationship with them was very good.

However, a particular driver--the only female on my staff--came in and loudly verbally attacked me one day, in front of my boss and co-workers.  I was shocked at her unprofessional behavior and responded in a manner less loving than I would have liked.  She’d professed to be a Christian, and had shared many of her spiritual and emotional battles with me.  I had been prayed for her daily. 

It was part of my job to write her up for that. 

She avoided me for three days.  My pride was stung, even though I knew the battle was a spiritual one. 

In the meantime, God gave me His wisdom. He is so good! He helped me realize that first, I had been unprofessional in allowing her to spill her emotional battles to me on the clock, especially more than once. After all, I was not her counselor.  

I wrote her daily notes, thanking her for her good work, and suggested that we “bury the axe and get over this.” In addition, I asserted politely that we no longer talk about personal issues at work. I emphasized that I would not and had not shared any intimate details she'd told me with anyone. She had told me she was a divorced single mother, and I understood many of the battles, being in such a state myself. 

In the back of my mind, however, I was writing all kinds of “letters of correction” that I planned to discuss with her and put in her file, but the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me do that. 

He showed me again that the spiritual battle superceded the earthly one, and it was my job--especially as the manager--to let Jesus love her through me.

It took Him three days to convince me.  When I wrote the final note and told the driver I appreciated her, bragged on her good work, and--here is the hard part--asked her to forgive me, explaining that I was “still working on the responding in love part,” she resumed her professional manner and continued to do an excellent job. 

Once again, God overcame the enemy through words--His words! He had given me restraint and helped me overcome my flesh and truly show the love of Christ. 

It was so worth it, for so many reasons! 

If you need the LORD's help in a situation like this--or any other--know that He, the Living Word will help you! Ask Him for wisdom, and to write through you. Then trust the words He gives you. He alone knows human hearts, and what will reach others for healing and freedom!

For you have been born again, but not to a life that will quickly end. Your new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal, living word of God.--I Peter 1:23, New Living Translation



Tonja K. Taylor is a joyful, free worshiper, teacher, author, wife, and mother who adores helping others know the sweet faithfulness of God. Through her YouTube channel, "River Rain Creative Arts" and other platforms, she tutors globally in faith, worship, writing, holistic health, ESL, & more.









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