Daily Devotional: I Love to Tell the Stories! | Psalm 78:5–8 |

Good stories teach. That's one of the reasons I read to my children, so I might learn something. We learn about the world around us through stories. Maybe that's why? God asked his people to share stories with their children in order to teach them about how good he is. Psalm 78 recounts God's faithfulness to Israel and describes his frustration when they turn away from him.

The writer of this Psalm retells of times when God rescued his people first from Egypt, where God brought them out of captivity. Next, God kept them alive in the desert, feeding them and guiding them. The writer of the psalm also recounts the consequences of when God's people turned their backs on god. there were moments when they forgot what God had done for them.


Sometimes the Israelites didn't trust God to take care of them and we struggle with the same thing don't we. God commands his people to tell stories to their children, so they won't forget him. God wants every generation to know his goodness and faithfulness and to understand how rough life can be when we try to do it on our own.


God's promises are built to last. His love saves us, protects us and teaches us what it looks like to be faithful, even when it's hard.

When we tell our stories of god's faithfulness in our lives, we teach others about God and remind ourselves of his faithfulness. When we look back and see everything that God has done for us, we can follow him forward wherever he's leading us and can guide others along the way. 








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