Daily Devotional: Holy, Holy, Holy | Revelation 4:8

I grew up singing a classic hymn at church called `` holy holy holy .'' Do you know this song `` Holy Holy Holy Merciful And Mighty  Who Was And Is And Evermore Shall Be ''. We humans sing it in our churches, but we're not the only ones singing it.

The lyrics come from a beautiful scene in the last book of the Bible.


Revelation chapter 4 describes how the Apostle John is given a vision from God of the throne room in Heaven. Jesus sits on the throne and four incredible winged creatures covered in eyes gather around the throne day and night. they never stop saying `` holy holy holy is the lord god almighty  who was and is and is to come ''. Can you imagine being at the throne of Jesus, seeing these creatures.

And it's interesting to me because there are so many things i want to ask Jesus so many things I want to tell him so many things, i'm curious about so many things. I want to thank him for.


And here these creatures get the chance to be right next to him and all day and all night long, they're so overwhelmed with his glory and might that all they want to do is worship him. That's how majestic our king Jesus is. I look forward to one day seeing him face to face and i'm guessing like so many others who have encountered him in the past. I will fall at his feet, but until that day I plan on proclaiming `` holy holy holy. is the lord god almighty, .'' Care to join me?

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