Daily Devotional For Men: Too Many Titles ... Not Enough Leaders

by louis verges  


What makes you a leader?
Is it your gift to teach, your gift to preach or the charismatic way that you present yourself?
Maybe it's your flashy business card, your awesome website or the fact that your videos have been seen on the internet so many times.
Is this what makes a true leader?
No, what makes a true leader is the heart to serve. Not serve oneself, but serve others.
I find that in my daily Christian walk, I've encountered more titles than leaders, this is a very sad statement.
Too many leaders are walking around with visions of grandeur and their heads in the clouds.
Meanwhile, forgetting the very people that they are supposed to be serving on this earth.
Being a true leader is not about networking, looking good or self promotion.
It's about servanthood.
When you read The Word, you will not find anywhere that Jesus needed to promote Himself or have others serve Him, hand and foot.
Instead if you read John chapter 13 verses 1-17 you will find the opposite.

Verses 14-15 read:
And if your Lord and teacher has washed your feet, you should do the same for each other.
I have set the example, and you should do for each other exactly what I have done for you.

Here we see Jesus showing us an example of what leadership is really all about. So my question is why are so many people still walking around in the church, hurting,
broken hearted and in need of deliverance. The answer is because the very people that need to minister to them, are in need of deliverance themselves.
When the title becomes more important than the calling, the time has come to repent.

As leaders we need to examine ourselves daily and make sure our hearts and motives are pure. If not, we need to go back to basics, and realize that leadership is a calling and a privilege. We also need to keep in mind who called us, and what the calling
is really all about.

I am a husband and father of 4 children. I am a servant for my Lord
and King. I pray your are blessed with what God has given me.









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