Daily Devotional for Men:

You know if we go back to Acts Chapter 16: here's where we see you know Paul takes Timothy under his wing in Acts. Chapter 16,


And then later in Acts, Chapter 16, we're going to see Paul and Silas are actually going to go to jail, so paul and silas were wrongfully accused. They were there preaching the word to Roman citizens. Gentiles were giving their hearts to the Lord. They were Receiving Christ as their Lord and savior, and because of this they were giving up all these false idols. So the individuals in this community that were selling all the false idols they're no longer making money because everybody's turning their heart to the Lord. So they get upset, they make some false accusations against Paul and Silas and mind you at this point. Paul's already taken timothy. So timothy is probably seeing all this kind of fall into play here and so paul and silas. You know they're beaten, uh, they're, arrested, they're thrown into prison, their feet are put in stocks which were really used for like a torturing device and uh, you know in the midst of all this, you know they didn't get a trial wrongfully accused thrown into prison and beaten and they're there at night and they begin to pray and they begin to worship and, as you continue to read the story, you're going to know That you know the shackles come undone, the doors fly open and the guard's getting ready to kill himself right because he knows if these guys escape he's done, he's going to lose his job and so paul says wait. We're still here. Paul has a conversation with the guard and he says something very, very powerful one of my favorite verses. He says 


believe in the lord jesus and you shall be saved you and your household 


and then that man, he comes to know christ. He receives Christ as his lord and savior and then the very next day the magistrates come and they tell the guard: hey, go ahead and send Paul and send Silas away, go ahead and kick him out right. But Paul says hold up. I'm a Roman citizen right? You can't just throw me into prison without having a trial. So paul's, you know he's kind of he's kind of flexing a little bit he's like yo hold up man. You can't do it that way, but the thing is Paul. Didn't do this to flex. If you think about the intentions of his heart, that's why he did it. He did it because he was sharing the gospel with the Gentiles. This was his mission and he wanted to eliminate barriers that would prevent people from receiving the gospel see. If, if the Roman citizens, there saw that Paul could be beaten because he was a follower of christ, then that could build a barrier that could build a wall that could make it difficult for him to share the gospel because they would have that fear. So that's the reason Paul did it, he didn't do it to be macho. He did it out of love for them. He did it out of sincere faith and a pure heart. So when we bring about correction right when we think about us as men in the workplace or maybe in our communities or in our families with our kids, when we bring about correction, remember this men of Godly character, correct with love with good conscience and sincere faith. So that's our big takeaway for today, hey! I love you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed that message.









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