Daily Devotional: Believing is Seeing

Daily Devotional: Believing is Seeing

Things aren't, always what they seem. Like when we meet someone with a bad attitude, and we do n't know that last night they didn't sleep well. Or maybe we see someone give a generous gift to someone else, but we don't know that they actually gave more than they could afford, sometimes there's more going on under the surface of their lives or our lives than we realize, but through faith. God can give us a new vision to see the things that at first we might miss a famous christian leader once said. `` faith is to believe what you do not see. `` the reward of this faith is to see what you believe .'' I wonder if he was thinking about Nicodemus when he wrote these words.


In john chapter 3, we read that many people saw Jesus perform, acts and miracles, it seems like Nicodemus was one of them because he proclaims that jesus is one `` who has come from god, .'' To some extent, Nicodemus experienced God's presence through Jesus's miraculous acts. But we understand from the way Jesus responds that there's something deeper Jesus wants to show Nicodemus something under the surface that Nicodemus has missed. Jesus says `` very truly, I tell you . no one can see the kingdom of god unless they are born again .'' In order to see god's kingdom something in us below the surface needs to change. While the miracles that jesus performed on earth testify to his power, God wants to show us more. Jesus wants to be the miracle that saves those who believe and gives us eyes to see his plan for the world and our lives. This is what Jesus is teaching Nicodemus.  And later Jesus explains. this miracle is only possible because of his death.


What would be seen his sacrificial death is what heaven looks like on earth. God's presence is breaking into our everyday lives in ways we can't always see. But we can trust that, with God's grace, we can see what we believe.

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