Daily Devotional: Beauty Beyond Society

Daily Devotional: Beauty Beyond Society

by Sonja Mattison  

 Society and media can sometimes convey underlying messages to us that may cause us to question our identity. Such subliminal messages can present ideas for us to strive to be someone or something else.  For example, beauty advertisements can be one-sided when they base their views on skin color, size, shape, hair, or style.  Often, beauty is defined by “society’s standards.”

            Although marketing is known to just market products, at the same time, the messages go beyond face value. Some of us can easily get trapped into believing that we should change according to society’s standards when it is unnecessary. Of course, we will always be full of opinions because we all have minds. But, if we confide in how society perceives us as individuals and try to fit into the mainstream, we will not be original, and happiness will not prevail. But, if we stay focused on Jehovah and how he created us, we can stand tall in confidence.

            Standing tall, we can be proud of our natural beauty because God made us in his image; therefore, we are beautiful. God is our Savior. He is the true judge of beauty and above the standards that we impose upon one another. One thing to remember is, despite how others may perceive us or voice opinions that may degrade us, we should love ourselves just as we are. Yes, we are imperfect, but God created us; therefore, we can be confident. Never should we submit to feeling inadequate.

With God, we are like blooming flowers. Luckily, we can remain as precious lilies, tulips, roses, and much more because God constantly preens our stems and petals to stand every storm and weather through every season. As we are the earth’s human beauty, God mirrors our beauty through his reflection. We are beautiful.


Sonja Mattison currently resides in Clarkston, Georgia. She is an inspirational writer and the author of Thoughts of Mattii40. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia.







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