Thaiya Spruill-Smith, 2, is currently on life support after suffering a massive brain injury, cops said.

Thaiya Spruill-Smith won’t see her third birthday.

The 2-year-old Brooklyn girl is lying in a hospital bed, being kept alive by machines after suffering a massive brain injury cops suspect her stepfather delivered.

The tot is expected to be taken off life support Saturday. Doctors told her parents that the tot has no hope of recovery.

But this might not be the only torture inflicted on little Thaiya: She may have been the victim of months of physical abuse, her devastated father Terrell Smith, 26, claimed.

The city investigated the abuse claims, and even took Thaiya out of her mother’s home, but returned her a week later, her father said.

An ACS spokesman would not comment on the earlier investigation, citing confidentiality laws, but said the agency is looking into what caused Thaiya’s fatal injuries.

Thaiya remained unresponsive and on life support Friday night, a day after arriving at Brookdale University Hospital, the apparent victim of shaken baby syndrome, family members and police sources said.

Doctors told Smith that his baby is nearly brain dead. Her injuries, including bleeding on the brain, went untreated for days.

Her mother Teoka Spruill, 24, was also given the bad news after being questioned by police on Friday.

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