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  • Ok cool. Just email me the joint to me

  • Yeah man, I do a review for the project. Email me the joint. Did you want to get down on Black OPS II?

  • Yo fam. Peace to you. I been blessed. On my grind. The new music is hot son

  • What's up 7vn, you're just everywhere, aren't you? We're about to do the same also. We're going to keep active presences on as many sites as we can. We're working to get our music heard. 2012 is going to be our year, God willing!

  • 4 sho thanks a lot. Good lookin out on the support!
  • Blessings my brother. Yes I downloaded your mixtape from this site!. The joint is ill. I made copies for my fam
  • I'm doing well brother.  Just busy trying to make it all happen. Yeah me and Dirt had a nice talk about different things. His strange hobbies, prayer, some of the things he's been though and so on. He said I should talk to Wut because I want to start a record label one day.
  • Shalom my brother. Yah is good and he receives all glory! I glad your safe. Satan can not win and he wont win. I'm praying with you and your neighbor.
  • I just heard "How You Living" feat Gifted da flamethrowa and Sivion. That cut was nice son. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  • Hey brother. I'm becoming a big fan of yours. Your an amazing emcee!
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