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  • Happy birthday homie!

  • I heard you got married. Congrads fam!. take care. I'm praying for you and your wife.

  • Yo man I just called you. Happy birthday famo. I love you brother. Yahweh Shalom!

  • Our Great GOD has blessed you with another year of life!

    Happy Birthday from your Oracle family!

  • Yo fam, thanks for adding me. I'm a big fan of your music

  • 7vn, both y'all crazy lol
  • dirt... i know thy style m.... is that a locust in the background... lol.... i eat locust for fun in chocolate dip!
  • Appreciate your friendship & God bless... LEGGO!!!
  • Yo, thanks for the compliments bro. Yo, I'm humbled that you dig the site. its all from the power and vision of Yah
  • Shalom, and welcome!
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