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  • Malachi, Hey u up for doing a review on my new project? Let me know  i got the tracks ready if so.. Hope all is well tell your wife i said hi as well.

  • It's cool, I like it.

  • What, you were in my neck of the woods (west coast). NEway, will do and u do the same. Blessing and peace from the Author of Peace.

  • Tyran,

    I'm good. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things. Went to the Olympics and had a well needed rest. Still tryna get my thoughts straight, so I can contribute here more. I appreciate your prayers. I know God hears your petitions. :)

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you! I had so much trouble with getting this book out. There are so many dishonest people out there.

  • Thanks Bro, You know I will... still trying to get a feel of this site,

  • thanx bro :)
  • Let me know if you've set up the GMail account for your site yet. If not, let me know when you're available for me to help you set it up.

  • I'm especially blessed to know you as well, Prince Malachi. You've been a great friend of Heaven's Disciples. Thanks for featuring us on your social network. You are now a featured member of Christian Rap and Hip Hop. Grace and peace to you and yours!

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