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A simple way to tuck in your processed hair is by doing a goddess braid around the perimeter of your head. Not only does it create a regal look, it protects, and hides your ends. Hair blogger Jalisa shows us how to execute the look with leave in conditioner and Eco Styler Gel, via her YouTube channel.

Braids and Buns


Jalisa’s simple braids and bun can last a full week, if you tie your hair down and keep it groomed. She accentuated her simple bun by adding 3 cornrow braids at the front of her head and accessorized with gold hair cuffs.

Clip-in Ponytail


Jalisa installed a few clip-in’s to the back of her hair to manipulate it into a low ponytail. The amount of clip-ins used will determine how many styles you can create. You can opt for a low ponytail, a bun, or distribute the clip-ins throughout your head to create fuller, voluptuous hair.

Bantu Knots


When your hair is in that messy transitional phase, bantu knots do a great job of hiding the processed hair. What I love most about this ‘do is no matter the length of your hair, you can achieve the style. Add some pieces for thicker knots, or simply wrap and tuck your natural tresses into a small bun.



The pompadour is such a cute, retro hairdo that can become the focal point of one’s personal style. If you’re transitioning with a longer mane, it can be easy to manipulate your hair into the style with bobby pins, gel, and light braiding. If your hair is on the shorter side, add some synthetic pieces to help you achieve the look. Check out beauty blogger Adanna Madueke’s tutorial via her YouTube channel.

Bangs and a Bun


Adanna proves that there are a wealth of hairstyles available to you during the transitioning phase. In this YouTube tutorial, she shows us how to create bangs and a bun with a short cut. This style protects all of your natural hair and involves no braiding!

Long Pigtails


As a child, I hated pigtails. As a adult, I think they’re such a fun, stylish way to express yourself. Execute this style with synthetic or natural extensions. Simply gel your hair into 2 ponytails and wrap the additional hair around each one.


These aren’t your typical ‘Princess Leia’ space buns. This style has more sass and flare. Blogger Roxxie gives us a new spin on how to slay space buns via her YouTube Channel.

Braided Wig


Want braids but don’t have time for the install? Khenny Ester shows us how to seamlessly install a braided wig on her YouTube channel. This is the perfect way to experience a full head of braids without having to sit for hours on end.