We Encourage Women Wednesday: Downtime Wind Down

We Encourage Women Wednesday: Downtime Wind Down

Ladies, it has been too long since we have sat down and talked! Honestly, It is my fault. I have been extremely busy and that is due to my crazy work schedule. So I guess it is a great time to let you in on something: my time management is horrible! I will work until I fall apart and that is actually what I am doing now lol.

The only thing I hate is that I do not give Abba the time that he is due. I don’t study my word the way I should and could if I manage my time better and I am highly disappointed because I am struggling to make that time but when I clocked out today, Jesus and I had a moment when I had some downtime. 

I was in the shower and I was singing the way I normally do and without notice, I began to worship and before I knew it I was in full worship. Today, I felt God pull against my tired flesh and he withdrew His glory because it was time and it was due. I feel like I was a sponge full of emotions that I needed to get out but I had no outlet. Covid messed up my church schedule and having to be at home 24/7 has me literally about to go insane, I needed Abba and I needed him to feel what I was feeling but I also wanted him to know that though I was struggling to make this time for him that I needed to, that I love him more than the job I was working and the project I was completing that was taking that time from me. I poured my heart out to him and yall I meant that thang,

8363129868?profile=RESIZE_710xYall, I know that we all have things going on but we are oftentimes in the leadership role in our homes and we are often the only leaders that our families see so it is important that in some form or fashion we are being led by God because if not we are being misled by own misguided natures and this is where we end up in trouble. Make room for the Holy Spirit to make moves on your behalf. 

Love yall for real, Tribe

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Jacqui Hampton is a columnist, poet, and editor. She is a minister of music and psalmist and educator. She is an author of the book The Cultural Christian: Navigating The Culture While Contending For The Faith (2020) She currently devotes her time to songwriting for other artists and planning for her next book as well as educating the masses.

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